Outdoor Loggia sliding panels

  • Sun protection panel with an extensive range of designs
  • No visible connection elements
  • Available with comfortable see-through or adjustable light incidence and see-through
  • Low maintenance

Do you want to personalise your carport or patio cover with sliding doors? The outdoor Loggia sliding panels offer endless possibilities. The fixed aluminium frame of the sliding panels can be installed with blades or canvas fabric. The sliding system rests on a bottom guide that compensates for small level differences of up to 6 cm thanks to Flexguide EVO.

You can choose between different panels in the canopy cover with fixed, horizontal blades that are installed at an angle in an aluminium frame: Loggia Paro with wooden, aluminium or aluminium blades in wood look. These three types are also available in the Privacy version, which means you can manually tilt the blades to adjust the view and incoming sunlight as desired.

You can also opt for Loggia Plano for your carport or patio cover with sliding doors, an aluminium frame with rectangular fixed aluminium blades. Finally, the Loggia Canvas spans one or both sides completely with a screen fabric.

The panels are equipped as standard with a magnetic position lock to fix them in any desired position. As an option, the outdoor Loggia wall can be closed with a hook lock. The carriers ensure the entire wall can be closed easily by simply operating the first panel. The rest of the wall then follows automatically.

Outdoor Loggia panels can also be put in place as fixed panels.

Technical specifications

 Shape of bladesBlade orientationItem
Paroparallelogram shapehorizontal, fixed 33°Aluminium / thermo-es
Paro Privacyparallelogram shapehorizontal, rotatable 0 – 147°
rectangle shape
(Double) CanvasN/AN/ASingle-sided/double-sided fibreglass fabric of your choice (Sergé, Natté, Privacy or Mixtrim)
Outdoor Loggia schuifpanelen

Outdoor Loggia schuifpanelen

Outdoor Loggia schuifpanelen