Carport op maat

Tailor-made carport

A modern aluminum carport that perfectly matches the architecture of your home. That’s the Renson® Algarve® Canvas. Protect your car against wind and weather under the sturdy metal roof. The underlying sun-resistant fabric also shuts out UV radiation and solar heat. A free-standing carport, an extension to your façade or even extended to over the front door? Take your pick. 

What are the possible applications of a carport?

Just like your car and home, a carport is very personal. Choices of color and finish, accessories and so on make the Algarve® Canvas a carport tailored to your wishes and needs. Together with the most suitable application. 

To the house

To the house

A carport fitted to your façade for optimal use of space and a strong aesthetic whole. 



In front of, next to, or behind your house? A detached carport gives your car a safe shelter. 

Luxury carport

Luxury carport

Fancy a little bit extra? Add accessories such as LED lighting to your luxury carport. 

Double carport

Double carport

Double the space for your car and/or storage with a double Algarve® Canvas. 

Durable quality
Durable quality
High-quality aluminum and modern technology go hand in hand for a high-quality result.
Customized solution
Customized solution

Every project and every resident has their own preferences. This is why every Algarve® Canvas is customized.

Extensive customization options
Extensive customization options

Color, layout, accessories and dimensions: you can personalize your Renson® carport in every way.

Minimal maintenance
Minimal maintenance
The construction and materials of your carport require hardly any maintenance. You can therefore house your car easily. 

What is a carport?

A carport is a canopy cover usually used to house a car, although you can also store tools under it. The construction is often installed against the house, but can also be free-standing. It is a lot easier to add to your home than an indoor garage, and is therefore an ideal solution to create extra space or a safe parking space. 

What is a carport?

What are the advantages of a carport?

More and more people are opting for a carport, there is no surprise there. 
This type of construction offers many advantages and therefore great added value. The main advantages of a carport: 

  • Your car gets dirty less quickly because it remains dry and protected under your carport. This saves a few washes and time annually. 
  • The bodywork is protected against the sun’s UV rays and against moisture. This helps prevent rust or paint damage due to heat or UV rays. 
  • Winter icing on windows or problems with a frozen lock is very rare. Only during severe winters will this possibly be a problem.
  • A carport takes up much less space than a full garage construction. Moreover, installation is quick and easy. This means you can combine optimal use of the space with minimal installation time. 
  • An aluminum carport requires no maintenance. This means cleaning 2 times per year is sufficient for a lifespan of about 25 years. 

Buying a sustainable and modern carport

The Algarve® Canvas is an aluminum carport. It is feather-light, robust and recyclable. The slim design and elegant lines give this carport a sleek, contemporary look. A great way to catch 2 birds with 1 stone: if you also want to opt for sustainable design. 

Buying a sustainable and modern carport

What are the dimensions of a carport?

Renson® offers customization, and this applies to the Algarve® Canvas carport as well. However, there are a few maximum lengths to take into account
With these limitations, we can still guarantee wind resistance up to 120 km/h and a load-bearing capacity of 100 kg/m². 

The dimensions of your aluminum carport are: 

  • Max width: 4.5 m (up to 6 m if joined)
  • Max length: 6 m
  • Max passage height: 2.8 m

Combine a carport with a pergola

Do you want to create even more space? Connect the Renson® Algarve® Canvas to an Algarve® canopy cover with a bladed roof. Together, the 2 parts form a harmonious look-and-feel, also with your home. Moreover, the engineering installations are concealed invisibly in both the carport and patio cover: from the screw connections to the water drainage. 

Combine a carport with a canopy

Where can I place a carport?

You can build a carport onto your home or have it free-standing in an outdoor area. 
The placement of a carport may have an impact on your notification requirement or building permit.

  • Is the free-standing carport less than 40 m² and no more than 30 m from your home? Then you do not need to apply for a permit or report its construction. This is true if the height is below 3.5 m and it is built at least 3 m from the plot boundary. 
  • You must report the construction of a carport at your home to the municipality at least 20 days before the work starts. 
  • Is the attached carport more than 4 m high, or is it less than 2 m (in the backyard) or 3 m (in the side yard) from the plot boundary? Then you need to apply for a building permit. 

Double carport for several cars

Do you have several cars, and do they both deserve a comfortable and protective roof? You can easily house both cars under a double carport. Do you still need even more space? You can always opt for an even wider version. Or, in addition to your car, you also want to house your mobile home, motorcycle, boat, jet ski or outdoor furniture somewhere dry and safe. 

Double carport for several cars

How do I maintain a carport?

Your car is protected against acid rain, sea air and UV rays, but your carport will still have to endure this. Therefore, regular maintenance, 1 to 2 times per year is recommended. The Renson® Maintenance Set will help you keep the colors intense and the aluminum structure in top condition. 

How to clean your carport:

  1. Give the carport a deep clean with Renson® Clean. This product removes dust, grease and moss. 
  2. Apply the Renson® Protect protective layer. 
  3. Enjoy the convenience of a carport and the extended paint warranty of up to 15 years. 
How do I maintain a carport?

A custom-made modern carport from Renson® 

Renson® stands for quality with a long service life. 
We achieve this by combining high-quality materials with the latest techniques for your custom carport. 
Choosing Renson® means choosing ease of use and elegance that matches your existing architecture. For a harmonious overall picture with added value. 


An aluminum carport is the perfect solution for protecting your car and is a stylish addition to your home too. But before you buy, you obviously want to know what a carport costs. At Renson, all our carports are custom-made, so the price can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Feel free to contact our authorised distributor network for a fully customised quote that perfectly meets your needs.

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Would you like to know more about our modern aluminum carport? Familiarize yourself with the Algarve® Canvas in our inspiration brochure. 

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Frequently asked questions

A carport takes up less space than a complete garage construction, which results in optimal use of space. A width of 3 m is recommended to park 1 car comfortably under a carport. The maximum width is 6 m. This would allow 2 cars to be parked under the carport. Width and length are possible down to the mm as desired, and a length of up to 6 m is possible. You can couple canopy covers for greater dimensions.

Your carport will always be exposed to the elements outside. If you want to get the best out of your Renson carport and enjoy it all year round, the recommendation is to clean it once or twice a year. This means the carport will last longer. In coastal areas and wooded areas, carrying out maintenance twice a year is a must.

Renson carports are (almost) always custom-made. Prices are therefore strongly dependent on the required dimensions, accessories, roof types, etc. You can contact our recognised distributor network for a quote.