Sustainable enterprise

Creating healthy spaces®

Your healthy living comfort is our mission. Inside and outside. At home and at work. With our ventilation, solar shading and outdoor concepts, we provide consumers, architects and project developers with sustainable building blocks to give every room an ideal indoor climate. With style and ease of use for the end customer.

Our contribution to a sustainable world

Here at Renson®, we want to make everyday life better and more beautiful. In harmony with nature, starting from our development and production. This is why we endorse the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals are based on 17 themes that aim to prepare the world for a sustainable future by 2030. Renson® is focusing on 3 objectives. 

The future of Renson

1. Healthy and comfortable life

Renson® produces sustainably without making any concessions to the quality of the products for your healthy living comfort. On the contrary. We use the best of nature to develop our solutions for smart and innovative developments. Both indoors and outdoors. We choose to use renewable energy sources such as sun and wind; we use little energy; and we limit our use of raw materials. As a result, we are lowering our ecological footprint while helping you enjoy your healthy climate. Today and tomorrow.

Each development is underpinned by 4 solid pillars: 

  • Compliance with international standards and norms.
  • The provision of answers to new requirements and environments. 
  • Inclusion of inputs from (inter)national experts.
  • The creation of products while respecting nature.

There are reasons why we are fully committed to a healthy and comfortable living environment. We currently spend around 90% of our time indoors where the air quality is 10 times worse than outside. In addition, warm summers are increasing the risk of overheating. Dealing with this responsibly, based on a long-term vision, requires a well-considered approach. This is what Renson® offers.

Gezond en comfortabel leven

2. Responsible consumption and production

Verantwoorde consumptie en productie

Circular construction is no longer the future, it is the reality of today. We are hitting the limits of our planet and therefore need to change our approach now. This is why we make products that last longer and can adapt to your wishes and needs. 

Renson® brings people and nature together in healthy spaces. And we do this because we care about our customers and our planet. Our sustainable total concepts integrate smoothly into circular construction projects. We take a smart approach to the use of natural assets – daylight and cool, fresh air – in order to be able to live comfortably and healthy. Inside and outside. Connected living in a different way. 

3. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

You won't find short life cycles and mass consumption at Renson®; what you will find is a one-off investment for long-term living comfort. We keep the cost price as low as possible throughout the entire life cycle. We do this by developing high-quality solutions that require as little maintenance as possible. We also gain valuable insights from the data we collect from our connected devices, which will make our future developments even more effective and user-friendly. 

Innovation is deeply rooted with us, ever since the very beginning of Renson®, more than 100 years ago. We are fully committed to the practice and constantly work intensively to uncover clear answers to our current challenges. Solar shading and night cooling as a sustainable solution for hot summers, for example. For example, we cleverly use natural power sources to improve your working or living comfort.

Industrie, innovatie en infrastructuur

Innovate to save the world

In the years and decades to come, we will continue scrutinizing and developing our products. The world and our way of life are both evolving at lightning speed. Renson® is keeping a close eye on all developments. Innovative, circular products add comfort and health to our homes and our indoor climate. Yet we consider the impact on the environment at every step. 

We continue to create healthy, comfortable living spaces in a sustainable way. Today and tomorrow. 

Want to know more about our sustainable approach?

Want to know more about our sustainable approach?

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