LED lighting Lapure

  • The ideal basic lighting system
  • Adjustable to set the perfect illumination angle 
  • Available in warm white and pure white
  • High-quality LEDs without visible dots (180 per metre)

Lapure® pergola with LED lighting 

This LED lighting is fully made to measure for your Lapure® pergola. The adjustable cross-beam is integrated into the roof of your pergola in a position of your choice. The lighting consists of high-quality, dimmable LEDs for a premium lighting result. 

Ambient lighting for your pergola

Mainly looking to integrate LEDs into your pergola as ambient lighting? Warm white light (3,000 K) is a great option for cozy summer evenings. Love reading outdoors? Pure white light (5,000 K) is the better option as it mimics natural daylight for a great reading experience. Up to two Lapure® LED beams can be installed per roof section in your pergola. That way, you can easily adjust the lighting to your needs at the time. 

Ledverlichting Lapure

Led lighting Lapure