Warranty on your aluminium pergola

Renson® pergolas are developed, tested and custom-made in aluminum with all due care. Once installed by an approved distributor, the warranty period will start. The exact warranty you get depends on the type of pergola. On top of that, you can register your pergola to claim an extended coating warranty.

How long does the warranty on a pergola last?

The exact warranty period differs per pergola and is determined based on a number of factors. Find out here how long the warranty on your aluminum pergola lasts: 

 10 years *
5 years
2 years
15 years **
Camargue® (Structure)
Camargue Skye® (Structure)
Algarve® (Structure)
Algarve Canvas® (Structure)
Aero® (Structure)
Aero Skye® (Structure)
Aero Canvas® (Structure)
Lapure® (Structure) 
Side infills (Fixscreen, Loggia, curtains, glass sliding panels, fixed walls)
Automation and comfort features (heating, lighting, sound, electronics…)
Garden elements
Special warranty terms
Motorization and controls
Somfy and Renson® motors
Color and shine
Paint coating
Fiberglass, polyester & acrylic fabrics
Five years on mechanical moving parts installed in sandy areas.
Subject to registration and annual maintenance using the Renson® Maintenance Set.® maintenance set
Five-year standard warranty / 15-year extended warranty subject to registration and annual maintenance using the Renson® Maintenance Set. The extended warranty is not applicable in coastal areas or heavily polluted areas and is also not applicable to wood design, aluminum castings and mounting bases.
Areas < 500 m from the coastline: five-year warranty on powder coating adhesion.
Wrinkling typical of polyester fabrics is not covered by the warranty.


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