Endura Twist individual ventilation system: healthy, safe and energy efficient

The Stadthotel in Haslach, Germany, has a remarkable history. The building you see today might be brand new, but it has been designed following a historical example. The modern technology incorporated in the structure is highly advanced, and Renson®’s Endura Twist window ventilation is an important piece of the puzzle.
Endura Twist individueel ventilatiesysteem: gezond, veilig én energiezuinig

Total solution

The project needed to meet an impressive list of requirements: the new building had to be a complete solution that took the interests of all stakeholders and local residents into account as far as possible. The result is a brand-new building that fits perfectly in the surroundings of the old town. The tasteful, timeless architecture of the building is largely based on historical examples.


Avoid noise pollution

To ensure guests at the hotel experienced as little disturbance as possible from the sounds of the surrounding streets, preventing excess noise was one of the most important requirements. After all, the Stadthotel isn’t exactly situated amid green and quiet fields! If you want to get a good night’s rest in the middle of town, it’s best to keep the windows shut. As such, the hotel rooms needed a ventilation system that also works when the windows are closed.

Renson® Endura Twist: controlled ventilation

The project developer suggested using Renson®’s controlled Endura Twist ventilation system. This ventilation is controlled by CO2 sensors: when the CO2 level reaches a certain threshold, the ventilation kicks into action. Because it is controlled depending on the CO2 level, the ventilation system does not waste any energy in rooms where no one is present. The controlled ventilation system only switches on automatically when there are people in the room and the CO2 level starts going up.

Fully independent ventilation system

On top of that, each system works fully independently: no air is moved from one room into another. In these coronavirus times especially, this is a major advantage: any COVID-19 particles that may be present in the air cannot spread to the rest of the hotel as a result.