Earth Oasis

Earth Oasis: instant holiday

Warm earth tones evoke the feeling of summer. Natural and artisan materials connect you to the richness of the earth. Earth Oasis offer the perfect harmony between the outdoors and the indoors. 

Inspired by nature

Earth Oasis transports your mind to the south through warm colors and materials, such as orange-pink terracotta and the powdery brown of fresh spice. Inspired by nature, the matte reddish-brown texture of almonds also served as one of our starting points for the colors and finishes in this style. Allow yourself to be instantly whisked away to sun-drenched lands. 

Terracotta literally means 'baked earth' and has been used for centuries as a material for pots and amphoras. Its natural, handmade appearance serves as the perfect way to create the sense of a Mediterranean holiday in your own garden and under your own pergola

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Earth O​asis

Earth O​asis

Earth O​asis