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Benefits of Pergolas Versus Patios

As the holidays approach, your outdoor living space quickly comes to mind. If you're torn between the pergola and the patio, we can help you make that decision. Read on to find out the benefits of both outdoor solutions and to determine which one best suits your goals. A pergola or a patio can transform your outdoor living space and provide you with more room, but there are differences between the two that you should consider.


A patio is designed to expand your living space by extending it into your outdoor area or garden. Patios do this by adjoining your property. Patios provide the space you need for outdoor activities like parties, relaxation, or gatherings. They also provide shade from the sun. Aside from choosing modern patio designs, you can add some color to your patio with patio plants and garden furniture. Incorporating climbing plants into your patio or an adjoining wall can enhance the look and make your patio feel more relaxing. Your patio can easily become the best place in your home with little personal touches and decorative additions. A patio gives you more space and an additional room. It can transition your outdoor area to an extra room that serves several purposes.

Benefits of a Patio

  • Provides more space in form of an outdoor room
  • Provides shade from the sun and other elements
  • Good for relaxation and hosting gatherings
  • Functional and decorative for your home


Pergolas take what patios offer to a whole new level. Think about enjoying time out at the pool alone or with guests, hosting backyard barbecues, or just relaxing in your garden. Unlike the patio, you can install your pergola in these parts of your house and enjoy the outdoors even better. While the patio is adjoining your property, you choose how you want to experience your pergola. Pergolas are freestanding structures although they could be attached to your home. They are aesthetic and enhance the look and feel of your outdoor area. Pergolas provide some versatility so that you can have an outdoor area that is suited to your needs at all times. They come with features that serve the varying needs that come with different weather conditions. You can slide open or close louvres in your pergola depending on whether it is sunny or cold. 

There is also an inbuilt heating system for when you need some warmth. Pergolas are very dynamic and can offer you a space large enough for your parties. Their freestanding nature allows you some flexibility and decorative options so that you are able to erect your pergola beside an open lawn, on a patio, in your garden, near your pool and more. If you need some color, incorporating flowering plants would do. You can also experiment with some furniture or wood stains and effects. The pergola provides extra space and an aesthetically pleasing area that allows you to enjoy your outdoors a lot more. They provide you the ability to extend your living space and get the most out of it.

Benefits of a Pergola

Patios provide more room and extend your indoor space into your outdoor space. However, a pergola does more than that. A pergola not only extends your space but beautifies it and adds a touch of individual style helping you make a statement with your outdoor living area. Pergolas come with a touch of style and versatility that allows you to adjust your structure to your purpose. Consider these ways in which you can use a pergola, all of which a patio wouldn't allow.

From providing a full blown poolside lounge that goes beyond umbrellas and deck chairs to making your garden more appealing, entertaining your guests is more memorable when you add a pergola to the mix. While you can't move your patio to your deck or your backyard to shield guests from adverse weather, your pergola can go with you. Your guests no longer have to enjoy your outdoor amenities without emergency shelter. Instead of running to the pool house should there be a downpour, they can just stay back at your pergola and have all the protection available indoors. What better way to truly enjoy the outdoors? Pergola provides you the covering you need but also ensures that it is functional and stunning. You are likely to have guests returning throughout the holidays.

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