Fixed wall with vertical line structure

  • Protection from rain and wind
  • Privacy
  • Can be perfectly combined with the Linarte cladding system and garden elements
  • Aesthetic finish can be extended along a background wall
  • Room for additional sound insulation

Linarte® wall: design side walls for your pergola

Looking to enclose your pergola using a fixed wall with a vertical design? No problem! The vertical interplay of lines on our Linarte walls adds a unique touch to your pergola, which can be consistently extended in the cladding system or garden elements around your home. Linarte can be used to add one or more walls to completely seal off your pergola — but you can just as easily add use it to create a railing at a height of your choice. Ideal as a stylish surround for your patio! Whichever option you go for, the side walls will always be seamlessly integrated into your pergola.

Combine with LED lighting or even strips of wood

A Linarte wall consists of aluminium cladding on one side and a solid screen fabric on the other. It is up to you which side faces inwards. That way, you can finish off your pergola with a wall that fully matches your home and style. On top of that, you can easily integrate stylish LED lighting or even strips of wood into the louvres of these Linarte side walls.

Vaste wand met verticale  lijnstructuur

Vaste wand met verticale  lijnstructuur