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5 Brilliant Pergola Lighting Ideas You Have To Try

Pergolas make a wonderful space for gathering outdoors, enjoying an alfresco meal, and celebrating moments. However, no pergola is complete without the addition of lighting for aesthetic and practical purposes. Set the ideal mood with the right style of outdoor lighting.

Install light fixtures that add a touch of magic to a romantic evening or create a sense of childlike wonder for the holidays. Don’t forget to take advantage of remote control lighting, dimmable fixtures, or solar-powered lighting for a pergola too. Read on to learn about elegant pergola lighting ideas.

Brilliant Pergola Lighting Ideas You Have To Try

How To Hang Lights On Pergola

If you were wondering how to hang lights on pergola, the rafters and the spaces between the posts of a pergola are ideal locations. Set up lighting with the help of a string light suspension kit, hooks for outdoor string lights, or siding clips or hangers for an attractive arrangement. Read this article for some other pergola ideas to inspire you.

1. Illuminating The Holidays

Move holiday celebrations outdoors with a stylish pergola that dazzles with beautiful hanging outdoor lights. Create an inviting space to sip drinks and make memories with cascading style lighting hanging down the sides of a pergola. Enjoy the warm glow of delicate fairy lights hung throughout an arbor, or consider using icicle lights hanging from the rafters.

Typically, pergola owners may use string lighting with globes or lanterns, but many other options are available. If space permits, add mason jars with candles and lanterns inside for soft illumination and a rustic touch.

Illuminating The Holidays

You can wrap pergola string lights with delicate bulbs around the posts for a festive look, or install a chandelier for a showstopping light display. Celebrating New Year’s, Diwali, or Christmas will never be the same under a well-lit pergola.

2. Eco-Friendly Lighting

As concerns about climate change continue to grow and consumers seek out sustainable and environmentally friendly products, eco-friendly outdoor lighting ideas are a must. You can find stylish, modern lighting that brightens your pergola using solar power.

Utilize the best features of your pergola if it has a louvered roof and install solar panels to power your solar pergola lights.

Create a walkway leading to your pergola in a backyard using solar-powered lights that come on when dusk arrives. You can even install timed or remote-controlled hanging outdoor lights that are attractive and energy-efficient to illuminate a pergola.

3. Embrace The Hearth

Make plans to spend time under your pergola year-round, no matter the weather. When you install a fire pit for light, heat, and warmth, the fun never ends. You can even use your fire pit as part of an outdoor pergola kitchen. Imagine spending holidays outdoors under a pergola making s’mores, singing songs, or basking in the comfort of a roaring fire.

Protect a fire pit and keep warmth from escaping by installing sliding doors and a screened enclosure. A fire pit is an attractive addition to a pergola that provides hours of entertainment. If a fire pit or bonfire is not your style, consider a portable fireplace or heater for soft pergola lighting ideas. Don’t forget to stock up on firewood unless you choose an electric fireplace.

4. Backyard Bistro Style

Enthrall guests with a luxurious dinner al fresco style under a pergola. Create memories with comfortable, stylish pergola string lights ideas and lounge furniture surrounding a grand dining table. In addition to using soft, rustic style light fixtures on end tables or the main dining table, consider modern lighting solutions for a pergola.

Backyard Bistro Style

Don’t settle for traditional hanging lanterns or modern pergola lighting with globes. Use different styles of lighting throughout the pergola for an eclectic vibe that is polished yet relaxed. Open guests to look above with a pergola that has a retractable roof and sphere pergola hanging lights.

Surround your guests in light with curtain style lighting or firefly bunch style lighting. Another fantastic option is to use large solar lanterns that are torch style or hang off the pergola. Infuse a pergola with your desired sense of aesthetic and level of lighting using appropriate fixtures.

5. Integrated LED Pergola Lights

If you are looking for waterproof pergola lighting ideas that have a unique design, consider installing LED lighting. You can find modern lighting solutions for a pergola in the form of rope lighting, strip lighting, or dimmable LED fixtures. LED pergola lights can be integrated into the structure and operated via remote control.

Integrated LED Pergola Lights

Imagine the possibilities created with recessed lighting or square-shaped lighting for a pergola's top and uppermost sides. Change up the look of your pergola and surrounding property with directional lighting with full 360-degree rotation or floodlights.

Overall, LED lighting is a welcome option for pergola lights because they are energy-efficient and available in versatile designs.


If you want to fully enjoy the outdoors and get the most out of your pergola, you need to install fantastic pergola lighting ideas. Envelop a pergola with an ethereal glow using cascading curtain lights or opt for chic, understated LED fixtures. A pergola can take on an eclectic and rustic aesthetic when installing solar pergola lights with globes or lanterns.

When you need a pergola that is durable, elegant and built to fit your lifestyle, call on experts in outdoor living with over a century of experience. Choose from pergola kits or design the custom pergola of your dreams, complete with outdoor elements and accessories. Renson Outdoor is ready to bring your vision to life.

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