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Getting sufficient daylight is important for our well-being. And when you know that we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, you begin to understand why large glass areas are so popular. They are good for fulfilling the demand for natural light, but unfortunately, the simultaneously present a new challenge: how do you avoid it becoming unbearably hot indoors on hot days in the most efficient way? Renson outdoor solar shading blocks the sunrays before they reach the glass and heat up your indoor areas.

What types of solar shading are there?

There are 2 types of solar shading: indoor and outdoor solar shading. You can choose the ideal solar shading from a wide range of solutions for every application. The system that best suits your needs differs from project to project. Renson focuses on outdoor solar shading because it offers the most efficient solution for indoor overheating. Indoor solar shading does block out light, but much less heat. Outdoor solar shading blocks heat efficiently in 2 different ways. It is an interesting choice for both new construction and renovation projects.

Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds

Windproof sun protection fabric with a sleek, modern look. Available in different versions for every type of window.

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Brise soleil shading

Brise soleil shading

Sliding panels with aluminium or wooden blades, that are either moveable or fixed. Or you can have a horizontal sun screen installed above the window.

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What is outdoor solar shading?

The most sustainable method to prevent overheating? That is outdoor solar shading. IT prevents the sunrays from shining directly on the window and increasing the temperature inside. Close the outdoor blinds or the blades of brise soleil shading during the summer to block the sun’s heat and prevent the high sun from gaining easy access to the windows. In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy the incoming daylight without losing the view to the outside while still enjoying minimal disturbance from reflections on screens or discolouration of your interior from UV rays.

Raising your solar shading or pushing it away from the window during colder periods will allow you to take maximum advantage of the solar heat to reduce your energy costs. The best of both worlds.

Superior quality
Superior quality
Our solar shading is designed with an eye for design, durability and quality.
Minimalist design
Minimalist design
Integrated almost invisibly in the façade, or as an eye-catcher to add an extra “touch.”
Modular product design and numerous options ensure you enjoy a customised solution.
Ease of use and maintenance
Ease of use and maintenance
Ease of use and minimal maintenance go hand in hand with our product range.

What are the advantages of solar shading?

Summers are getting warmer and heat waves are becoming more common. It is therefore a challenge to tackle overheating in the house in a structural and energy-efficient manner. And this is especially true in highly insulated and airtight buildings that make it difficult to remove the heat once it warms up inside. Prevention is better than cure. In addition, enjoy many of the other advantages.

  • Reflections of sunlight on screens are a thing of the past.
  • The UV rays do not discolour your interior.
  • You can still see outside.
  • Brise soleil shading adds an architectural eye-catcher to your façade.
  • More privacy is created when a privacy fabric or moving blades in the sliding panels are chosen.
  • The outdoor blind head box takes up less space in the cavity than a roller shutter box.

A comfortable indoor climate through solar shading

Indoor temperature is an important aspect of a healthy indoor climate, in addition to ventilation for clean indoor air and pleasant acoustics. A stable temperature significantly increases living comfort. Ideally, living spaces should be between 18 and 22 °C. In the winter you turn the heating up a degree, in the summer you want to keep it pleasantly cool.

Solar shading for inside or outside?

Solar shading is available for both indoor and outdoor use. So why do we explicitly opt for outdoor solar shading at Renson? Simple: because it is the most efficient and practical. While indoor solar shading blocks 35-65 % of the heat energy, outdoor solar shading – in combination with sufficiently good glazing – blocks 85-95 %. Outdoor sun protection blocks the sun’s heat before it even reaches the glass. Thanks to its results-driven technology and a focus on attractive design, outdoor solar shading from Renson also contributes positively to the architecture and appearance of your home.

Solar shading for inside or outside?

Solar shading as a weapon against overheating

Tackling overheating is not a black and white story. Solar shading and air conditioning are complementary. Outdoor solar shading is a solid foundation for keeping out the sun’s heat, especially if you combine it with night cooling. An air conditioner can be used during peak times to add some extra cooling power for your indoor spaces. Without investing in solar shading however, an air conditioner will consume a lot of energy, with the corresponding sky-high bill, and only ultimately contribute to even warmer summers. So, start with the basics, with efficient and effective natural outdoor solar shading.

Outdoor solar shading

  • Prevent overheating in the natural way
  • Energy-efficient
  • Quiet operation
  • Pleasant indoor comfort
  • Healthy indoor climate


  • Eliminate overheating
  • Higher energy consumption
  • Noisy appliance
  • Colder airflow
  • Draft can cause irritation
Request your inspiration brochure - Solar shading

Request your inspiration brochure

Would you like to know more about what solar shading from Renson can do for you? Request our digital brochure and get some inspiration from projects in a range of styles and environments.

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How does solar shading work?

The purpose of solar shading is to keep out the heat from the sun. Outdoor solar shading will block the sunrays before they reach the glass and is therefore the most effective solution. You can also maintain an optimal light level inside and the view to the outside.

The screen fabric rolls up and down in the side guiding channels, which are made windproof by means of a zip, and it is all controlled by high-quality motors. As a result, depending on the season and your wishes, you can roll out the outdoor blinds at any time you like. Use the remote control or Renson Connect app for maximum flexibility at any time. Or the outdoor blinds can be connected to smart sensors to guarantee optimal operation.

Choosing brise soleil shading, the sliding panels hang in rails with brackets and trolleys. They can then be slid in front of the window manually or mechanically in order to regulate how much solar heat enters the house at any time.

Enjoy shade in the garden all year round

Coming home to a pleasantly cool house is what we all crave during the summer. At the same time, we want to enjoy the outdoor environment to the fullest. A Renson pergola or garden room means you have extra living space in the garden. You can keep the heat out as much as possible here too using outdoor blinds or sliding panels.

Enjoy shade in the garden all year round

Outdoor blinds

The number of sunny days is increasing. So, preparing for the next heat wave is highly recommended. Outdoor blinds add effective outdoor solar shading to the home. The sun’s heat can be kept out as much as possible to prevent overheating. As a result, you can completely relax at home.

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What are the applications for which outdoor blinds are available?

Solar shading may already be on the list of requirements for a new-build construction. But did you know Renson also offers many options for renovation projects?
We have a ready-made response to countless applications.



Installing outdoor blinds for existing windows or integrating them when you renew the joinery is an investment into the living comfort of today and tomorrow.

Canopy cover


Would you like to fully enjoy your pergola or garden room during high summer without getting sweaty and short of breath? Add outdoor blinds or sliding panels to your canopy cover.

Veranda or skylight

Veranda or skylight

Abundant daylight in winter, but a greenhouse effect in summer? With solar shading tailored to your veranda or skylight you always ensure the right indoor comfort.



Make the most of your balcony in all weather conditions. Windproof outdoor blinds or sliding panels with moveable blades give you privacy, shelter from the wind and pleasant temperatures in summer.

Curtain wall

Curtain wall

Large glass areas bring in abundant daylight, but what if you need to keep the sun’s heat out? Minimalist outdoor solar shading fits seamlessly with the design of a curtain wall.

Healthier living with solar shading and ventilation

Sufficient daylight, pleasant temperatures and good air quality. These are the 3 pillars for a healthy and comfortable living environment.
By combining ventilation and solar shading, you meet each of these current challenges. With night cooling you give your new living comfort an extra boost.
The result is a carefree life, all year round.

A clear answer to frequently asked questions

Outdoor blinds are a useful and interesting addition to your project. However, you may still have a few practical or technical questions. Or maybe you would like to know what outdoor blinds mean for the architecture or maintenance of your home? We can answer this and more in the frequently asked questions.

If you have glass areas exposed to direct sunlight, solar shading is worth considering. This is especially true in new-build homes in which much attention has probably been paid to insulation and in which, without outdoor blinds, solar heat can quickly get trapped inside, which is then difficult to get it out again. Even if you renovate and insulate, you can limit the risk of overheating by investing in solar shading. In addition, you can limit disturbing reflections from the low sun.

Why choose electrical solar shading?

Dynamic character is one of the strengths of Renson outdoor solar shading. From optimal absorption of solar heat in the winter to the prevention of overheating in the summer. You can simply close or open the outdoor blinds clicking a button on the remote control, via the app, or allowing them to be controlled automatically via smart sensors. Do you plan to add outdoor blinds to an existing home? You do not even have to pull wiring for the control thanks to our solar-powered sun protection fabric. Do you already have sliding panels from Renson? Add a simple switch to the window and operate it electrically.

Why choose electrical solar shading?

Where do you place solar shading?

Are you planning outdoor blinds or brise soleil shading for your house or apartment? Place them on the outside of the glass sections exposed to direct sunlight. This is precisely where you run the risk of rapid heating. A professional installer can choose the best installation system for your architecture and joinery. Installation is quick and easy so you can quickly enjoy pleasant indoor temperatures, maximum privacy, blackout and much more.

Sun protection prices

Sun protection adds extra character to your home or building and protects it against overheating. Even so, you still want to know exactly how much a sun protection system costs before you buy. Renson sun protection nearly always requires customisation. As such, our sun protection prices strongly depend on a range of factors, including the type of sun protection, the material, the dimensions, the controls and any extra options you'd like to integrate. Feel free to contact our approved distributor network for a quote.


Renson outdoor blinds combine proven systems, innovative techniques and an eye for detail.
Our sun protection fabric can be distinguished by:

  • proven wind resistance up to 130 km/h
  • slim design for an aesthetic finish
  • versatility of colours, fabrics and systems
  • a solution for every window

Do you want to add efficient solar shading to your project? Find a Renson distributor local to you.