CO2 monitor

CO2 monitors for peace of mind around the home

To measure is to know. There's no way you can smell deteriorating air quality, so a reliable monitor is indispensable. If you're looking for a pointer on when to ventilate and you'd like to know the exact extent of the problem, a reliable CO2 monitor offers peace of mind around the home — or in any other space where multiple people are gathered.

What is a CO2 monitor?

A CO2 monitor is an important sensor for the air quality in your home. This type of device accurately measures and reports the concentration of COin the air, in parts per million. If this concentration of COstarts to rise to dangerous levels, the sensor raises the alarm. That way, you — or your demand-driven ventilation system — know that urgent action is required to improve your air quality.

Live healthy indoors
Live healthy indoors
Improve the health, productivity and comfort in your home.
Improve your home
Improve your home
Gain insight into structural problems of your home and take targeted action to guarantee the indoor air quality in the long term.
Sophisticated design
Sophisticated design
Intelligent, clean design that fits perfectly into any interior.

Why does a CO2 monitor matter?

CO2 is not something we can instantly detect using our senses alone, even though it can have a serious impact. If there is a lot of CO2 in the air, you'll struggle to concentrate, you might get a headache and you'll often feel tired much more quickly. When that happens, it's time to ventilate — and as CO2 is invisible and has no recognisable smell, a CO2 monitor is the best way to give you the certainty you need.

Waarom is een CO2-meter belangrijk?

Renson® Sense

Sense monitors the level of CO2 in the air inside your room. Using clear colour codes, the device shows the current quality of your indoor air. If it lights up blue, there's nothing to do; if it shows orange, it's best to take action; and red is a sign of downright poor air quality. Aside from CO2, Sense also monitors odours, noise and temperature.

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Renson Sense

CO2 monitor for schools

COVID-19 forced us to face up to the truth: the air quality in classrooms leaves much to be desired. Ventilation has become indispensable in schools, and Renson Sense is the ideal way to monitor the indoor air throughout the school day. This COmonitor offers a clear indication of the volume of air breathed out — which may contain virus particles — in the room at any time. Its objective measurements offer insight into the current air quality.

Dangers of not having a CO2 monitor

You can't smell or sense CO2. When you walk into a room and it smells a bit musty, that might be a clue. However, once you're in the room, you'll soon become accustomed to the smell, and you won't even notice that anymore. In other words: without a COmonitor, there's no way to get any sense of the level of COin the indoor air. Once you know the impact this substance can have on your health — loss of concentration, headache and so on — you'll realise the best thing to do is to add a reliable monitor to your space.

What are the advantages of a CO2 monitor?

A COmonitor constantly analyses the air quality and lets you know whether a space is sufficiently ventilated. The device raises the alarm when you need to increase the supply of fresh air because there is too much COindoors, and you need to intervene to keep the indoor climate healthy. And that has multiple advantages.

  • COdoesn't get the chance to cause headache or tiredness, and your concentration levels remain unaffected.

  • You can limit the spread of viruses and pathogens, such as COVID-19.
  • By ventilating only when necessary, you save energy

CO2 monitors in the hospitality sector

Monitoring the air quality is mandatory in the hospitality sector, except in outdoor seating areas. A COmonitor allows you to stay in control of your indoor air quality. The standard level is 900 ppm, so if the COmonitor shows a higher level, you'll need to ventilate more intensively. By the day, did you know the app keeps historical data? That way, you can see at any moment what the air quality was at a specific point in time.

Why choose a Renson® CO2 monitor?

Renson has been dedicated to a healthy indoor climate for over 50 years — and reliable detectors and sensors are an essential part of that.
Renson Sense is an accurate and easy-to-use device that monitors the COlevel in the air.
Clear colour codes and modern design put Sense ahead of the pack in terms of COmonitors, and it's the same quality as every other Renson product, of course.