Custom aluminium cladding

Modern and functional aluminium cladding

Contemporary aluminium cladding lends a unique character to your home. Renson's Linius and Linarte cladding systems combine design and durability with a contemporary look. With a vast choice of finishes and colours to choose from, the end result is a façade that completely suits your taste and preferences, every time. Our systems can also be used to add extra character to interior walls.

Which types of cladding do we offer?

Your choice of aluminium cladding starts with the direction of the lines. Horizontal or vertical? It's up to you.

Horizontal cladding system

Horizontal cladding system

The Linius horizontal cladding system lends a sober and refined look to your façade.

Vertical cladding systems

Vertical cladding systems

The vertical Linarte profiles are completely versatile: they can be used on façades, across garage and other doors or underneath pergolas, for example.

Linarte® Cone

With “Linarte® Cone”, Renson’s vertical, aluminium façade cladding has a new profile in its range. The design responds to the trend of aluminium windows that have the authentic “steel look” of classic steel windows. This provides even more creative possibilities with vertical façade cladding, including for rural architectural styles and renovations.
Durable quality
Durable quality
From the choice of aluminium to the invisible fixation elements and integrated accessories, you can always count on the best quality.
Functional design
Functional design
Our cladding systems combine increased privacy with architectural design to serve as a real eye-catcher on your home.
Total concept
The perfect finish, from the tiniest corner to the least obvious detail on your door. 

What is cladding?

Cladding adds an extra, attractive mantle to your façade. That way, the outer layer of your home serves to add character, as well as to protect what's underneath. In other words, cladding adds aesthetic and functional value to your modern façade. And with a Renson cladding system, you can rest assured you're getting a durable aluminium finish too.

What is cladding?

What are the advantages of an aluminium cladding system?

Whether you would like to lend extra character to your home or whether you are looking for a stylish alternative finish for your façade after adding retrofit insulation, you cannot go wrong with aluminium cladding. The benefits are myriad:

  • Indoors or out, on curved façades or corners, and in any colour you can imagine: the sleek design of aluminium cladding adds extra allure to your home in all cases.
  • Give free rein to your creativity and add a personal touch to your cladding. With aluminium profiles and integrated accessories, the possibilities are endless.

  • Aluminium cladding requires minimal maintenance. The powder coated profiles are exceptionally colourfast and are easy and quick to clean.

Design cladding with seamless integration

A unique look that remains consistent across your entire project: Renson's timeless cladding perfectly matches your interior, your existing structures and any pergola you may have. Accessories such as an outside tap or video phone can also be seamlessly integrated into your cladding system. Did you know that you can also use these designs indoors? Add cladding to a stairwell or lend a unique touch to an accent wall: inside and out have never looked so good together.


Our Linarte vertical cladding system creates a unique interplay of lines on and in your home. Integrated accessories and the possibility to extend the system across gates, doors or curved façade elements enable you to give your entire home a uniform look. On the other hand, you can add a personal touch by playing around with the five different profile types, the vast range of colours, or by using wooden slats for your house number. Customisation at the highest level.

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Our Linius horizontal aluminium cladding system lends a contemporary, uniform look to your home in no time at all. Whether you opt for a ventilating or closed system, you get to enjoy durable quality, refined design and completely invisible installation. Linius can be extended across doors, sectional and titling garage doors too.

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Functional and durable cladding

Going for aluminium cladding means going for timeless design, as well as for a practical and durable solution. Our profiles are exceptionally wear-resistant and weather-resistant. Only a minimal amount of maintenance is required to keep them in top condition. On top of that, after its long lifespan, your aluminium cladding is perfectly recyclable. Sustainability all round.

Cladding for an aesthetic transformation in and around the home

Sometimes, you just want something new. Other times, you want to add a surprising twist to classic elements, and sometimes, you just want to let your creative ideas run wild. Linarte and Linius have everything you need to realise an aesthetic transformation of your project in each of these scenarios.

Stunning cladding

Stunning cladding

On the outside, Linius or and Linarte lend an extra touch to your external façade and can be perfectly combined with other materials. That way, you can create a unique look, which you are able to extend into your interior too. Wood inserts and LEDs allow you to get endlessly creative with your Linarte façade.

Complete outdoor concept

Complete outdoor concept

If you love nothing more than a uniform aesthetic, including outdoors, you've come to the right place. Our aluminium cladding systems enable you to effortlessly design a complete outdoor concept. Extend your cladding along your patio or underneath your pergola, or add garden elements with a Linarte finish.

Unique interior

Unique interior

Renson's aluminium cladding systems don't just lend an extra touch to your façades, but to your interior walls too. That way, inside and out seamlessly transition into one another. Alternatively, have you thought about cladding your stairwell in Linarte profiles?

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Façade cladding prices

Façade cladding adds extra character to your home or building. Even so, you still want to know exactly how much a façade cladding system costs before you buy. Renson façade cladding nearly always requires customisation. As such, our façade cladding prices strongly depend on a range of factors, including the type façade cladding, the material, the dimensions and any extra options you'd like to integrate. Feel free to contact our approved distributor network for a quote.

How to maintain cladding

An aluminium cladding system with a high-quality coating barely requires any maintenance. However, it is recommended that you clean your aluminium cladding from time to time. Cleaning can be done using lukewarm soapy water, or simply using a cloth. Either way, it takes no time at all.

Add garden elements to complete your uniform look

Linarte garden elements contribute to a uniform look around your home and in your garden. With our complete range of garden elements, the choice of how to extend your Linarte design across your entire outdoor space is in your hands.

Linarte® Modulo

Linarte Modulo

A custom planter that looks great with colourful flowers or greenery, and that creates the perfect place to rest in your garden.

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Linarte® Outdoor Light

Linarte Outdoor Light

Ambient lighting for your garden in a contemporary column, for sultry summer nights and crisp winter evenings.

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Linarte® Wall

Linarte Wall

A freestanding wall with Linarte profiles that enables you to create a cosy corner or shield your front garden in style.

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eSafe® parcel letterbox

eSafe parcel letterbox

Quick and safe parcel deliveries, even when you're not at home. Our eSafe parcel letterbox has been tested and approved by Bpost.

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Why choose a contemporary cladding system by Renson®?

Renson stands for durable design for the ultimate outdoor experience. Our Linarte and Linius aluminium cladding systems translate that concept to the façades of your home. The wide range of options to choose from and the endless combinations result in unique cladding that sets the tone for your entire garden. That way, we allow you to tell your story, even before you open the front door.