LED lighting in frame

  • Basic lighting and ambient lighting combined in a single light fitting.
  • Available in warm white, pure white and/or RGB
  • Dimmable
  • High-quality IP65 LEDs

Carport or pergola with lighting in het frame

With UpDown LED lighting underneath your pergola, you can instantly create a cosy ambience. The LEDs are located on the inner side of the frame. There is a choice of upward indirect lighting, downward direct lighting, or a unique combination of both. If you are looking to create just the right ambience while still being able to read your favourite magazine, going for both options results in golden combo — and that is before we mention the dimmer. Our UpDown LED lighting also enables you to incorporate the look and feel of a pergola into your carport.

If you do decide to add lighting to your carport or pergola, you can choose between warm white light (3,000 K) for a cosy ambience or pure white light (5,000 K) for functionality. Looking to lift the ambience to a higher level? Go for coloured ambient lighting. UpDown LED beams can be installed wherever you prefer, on one side only or all around.Carport

Ledverlichting in het dakkader

Ledverlichting in het dakkader

Can be integrated into