Translucent louvres

  • More openness and light underneath your pergola
  • Allows extra light to enter the home when the roof is closed
  • Can be placed in a position of choice
  • Perfect integration into the louvred roof

Translucent glass louvres

Prefer natural light under your pergola, even when your louvered roof is closed? Add translucent louvres to the roof to instantly create a sense of openness. Lineo Luce is made of high-quality matte glass and is perfectly integrated into the louvered roof of your pergola.

Position the glass louvres exactly as you prefer

You can add one to five translucent louvres per roof section, in any position you prefer. Position them next to each other or spread them out between the other louvres to enjoy the maximum level of natural daylight under your pergola. On top of that, in a lean-to pergola, Lineo Luce roof louvres ensure that the inside of your home is never deprived of natural daylight, even with the louvered roof closed.

Glazen lamellen

Glazen lamellen