Heating in the frame or louvres

  • Invisible when the roof is closed
  • Short-wave infrared radiation, aesthetically integrated into the louvre using heat-resistant black or white ceramic glass
  • Pleasant radiant heat
  • Instant heat distribution

Infrared heating element in louvered roof

Lineo Heat is a fixed louvre that is fitted to replace one of the standard rotating louvres in a pergola. One or two infrared heating elements are seamlessly integrated into this louvre, and the electrical wiring is invisibly concealed. The result is a sleek louvered roof with pleasant and instant heat as an extra benefit.

Can be positioned anywhere in the louvered roof

Lineo Heat can be positioned wherever you prefer in your louvered roof. Centrally above your garden room, near the seating corner, on the side or right in the middle of your pergola: it is all possible to support your perfect outdoor experience.

Vaste lamel met verwarmingselement

Vaste lamel met verwarmingselement