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A custom freestanding pergola

A patio adjoins your home, right? That is no longer guaranteed to be the case, more and more people are opting for a freestanding pergola. A spot a little deeper into your garden offers complete tranquillity, avoids any issues with shadow from your home and allows you to be literally surrounded by greenery. Nothing comes close to feeling connected with your garden wherever you turn. And when you add in an outdoor kitchen you never even have to run in anymore to grab a drink or snack.

A freestanding pergola for every application

What is a garden room actually good for?
The answer is simple: it is entirely up to you. A freestanding pergola creates the space you need to live life to the full, to work, and above all to enjoy yourself to the rhythm of your own wishes and requirements.

Extra living space

Extra living space

Read the paper or enjoy a drink with friends in your new outdoor living space.

Garden office

Garden office

Organise a brainstorming session, meet with colleagues or finish of your project in your garden office.

Pool house

Pool house

Enjoy a revitalising drink after a dip in the pool in your modern pool house.

Hospitality sector

Hospitality sector

An extra outdoor seating area for your guests to lounge in complete comfort with a sense of freedom as an added bonus.

Superior quality
Superior quality
Our products are developed with an eye for design, durability and quality.
Minimalist design
Minimalist design
Visual simplicity adorns and retains the focus on the architectural feats of your design.
Extensive customisation options
Extensive customisation options
Modular product design and a wide range of options serve as the building blocks for your unique pergola.
Ease of use and maintenance
Ease of use and maintenance
Minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment of your garden room, year after year.

What is a freestanding pergola?

A freestanding pergola or garden room is a pergola that stands in your garden, without being directly connected to your home. In contrast with a lean-to pergola, a freestanding pergola does not serve as an extension to your home; instead, it is an extra, separate and multifunctional space. Host friends, work out, organise a party or have breakfast with your family, it is all possible in complete comfort underneath a freestanding pergola.

Endless combinations with our side elements

Transparent glass, warm wood or homely curtains: with our wide range of side elements, you can quickly and easily add style and functionality to your pergola.
Fixed panels, sliding walls or louvres? Go for a uniform overall appearance or mix and match as you wish:

Exterior curtains
Glass walls
Integrated fixscreen
Loggia sliding doors
Loggia canvas quick access

Extra accessories for your outdoor experience

Pleasant temperatures, your favourite music in the background and LED lighting to set just the right mood. These are just a few of the possibilities for your freestanding pergola. Simply add the right accessories to help realise your plans for your new outdoor space. The vast range of available options includes:

The benefits of a freestanding pergola

A lean-to or freestanding pergola: which one is the best match for you? We will gladly help you make progress towards deciding with this clear overview of the benefits of a freestanding pergola:

  • Your pergola does not block any daylight coming into your home, so you get to enjoy maximum natural light indoors.
  • Want to keep the party going long after the kids have gone to bed? A garden room a little further away from your home causes less noise inside the home.
  • You are surrounded by greenery — and you can always sense it. By going for greenery all round, you are going for the optimal outdoor experience for all your senses.
  • A freestanding pergola adds value to your home. Potential buyers are likely to be impressed by your outdoor space and that will be reflected in the overall price.

Design your own freestanding pergola

A pergola tailored to your wishes and daily life is the best guarantee for enjoying the outdoors without a care in the world. Simply put together your ideal configuration yourself in our handy configurator. Any changes you make are immediately reflected in the visualisation of your pergola. Practical and crystal clear! Save your configurations or send them straight to an official Renson Ambassador near you

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Design your own freestanding pergola

Need inspiration for your freestanding pergola?

Our six complete Design Styles allow you to pick the total package that best suits your style and home.

Extra living space in a freestanding garden room

Looking for a little more space to enjoy life to the full? A spot where you can really wind down, do your favourite workout or invite friends for dinner or a party? A freestanding pergola allows you to create extra living space in no time at all. What is more, there is no need to decide in advance exactly what you would like to use your garden room for — you can simply change things up every day to whatever suits your mood.

Extra living space in a freestanding garden room

Freestanding pergola for the hospitality sector

Are you a bar or restaurant owner looking to add extra seating for your guests to enjoy drinks or dinner in complete comfort outdoors? A freestanding pergola instantly adds a characterful and cosy spot in your garden. By adding accessories such as heating, LED lighting and integrated speakers, you can create an unforgettable outdoor experience for young and old. Host your guests surrounded by nature, whatever the season.

Freestanding pergola for the hospitality sector
Outdoor living 2

Download the inspiration brochure

Allow yourself to be inspired by the wide range of projects we have completed in our digital brochure. Find out more about the different models and accessories.

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Durable and stylish freestanding pergola by Renson®

Has the time come to add a freestanding pergola to your home? By choosing Renson, you are choosing durable quality, modern comfort and extensive customisation. All elements of our pergolas are carefully developed and produced with an eye for aesthetics and functionality — and with your ideal outdoor experience as the ultimate goal.


The ideal dimensions of your freestanding pergola depend on the purpose for which you want to use the canopy cover. This includes the furniture you wish to place underneath it, how much free space you want around the furniture, the inserts and accessories you want, etc. All our patio covers are customised and can be ordered down to the mm.

The structure is made using powder coated aluminium. Annual cleaning with Renson Maintenance Set products will ensure the intense colour is maintained for years, as well as providing extra protection from acid rain, sea air, and UV radiation. The Renson Maintenance Set consists of 2 products; Renson “Clean” is a concentrated product with strong cleaning and degreasing properties for the most common natural pollution such as dust, greasy deposits, grease stains, moss, insect spores, etc. This product is not comparable to most cleaning products. It penetrates deeply and ‘lifts out’ the dirt. After cleaning, protect the aluminium structure using Renson “Protect”. This product leaves a protective film behind that makes it very easy to clean the surface with a minimum of Renson “Clean”. It also protects the aluminium from acid rain, sea air and UV radiation, and ensures the colour remains just as intense.

Your patio cover will always be exposed to the elements outside. If you want to get the best out of your free-standing Renson canopy cover and enjoy it all year round, the recommendation is to clean it once or twice a year. Regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of your cover. In coastal areas and wooded areas, carrying out maintenance twice a year is a must.

The installation of a Renson canopy cover requires the necessary experience and knowledge, which is why this will only be done by an authorised Renson distributor who has been expertly trained. This is the only way you will be able to take advantage of the warranty period.

Our free-standing patio covers are (almost) always custom-made. Prices are therefore strongly dependent on the required dimensions, accessories, roof types, etc. You can contact our recognised distributor network for a quote.

Renson freestanding pergolas are carefully developed, tested and custom-made from aluminium. The warranty on the canopy cover starts after installation by a recognised distributor. The exact warranty you get depends on the type of canopy cover. Carrying out annual maintenance on your patio cover means you can take advantage of the extended paint warranty of 15 years.