Night cooling

Properly rested every day with night cooling

Getting a good night's sleep isn't easy in the height of summer. Once the heat is trapped in your home — and especially in your bedroom — it gets much, much harder to sleep. Night cooling boosts your sleep by flushing your home using cooler outdoor air at night. That way, you can get the mercury to drop by a few more degrees.

What is night cooling?

Night cooling vents or night ventilation allow cooler outdoor air to circulate around your home at night, following hot summer days. This has a positive effect on the temperature indoors: by the next morning, the mercury will have dropped by a few more degrees, which makes a whole world of difference during periods of heat.

Durable top quality
Durable top quality
Minimalist design
Minimalist design
Easy maintenance
Easy maintenance
Endless customisation options
Endless customisation options

Is night cooling right for me?

Unless you are immune to overheating or love nothing more than bathing in sweat overnight, night cooling is likely to be the right solution for you. In summer, it often gets too hot indoors very quickly. When this happens, night cooling is the perfect solution: liveable temperatures, future-oriented and subtly integrated into your interior and façade.

Is night cooling right for me?

Cool your home in an energy-efficient way

Sure, you can get the temperature indoors down using air conditioning, but these power-hungry appliances are far from the best solution, unless you want to be faced with a sky-high energy bill at the end of a hot summer. On top of that, the cold flow of air produced by air conditioning does our health no favours.
Night cooling louvres offer a durable and energy-efficient alternative.

Night cooling and a ventilation system

Already have a mechanical ventilation system and thinking of adding night cooling?
Your exhaust ventilation system or balanced ventilation system draws in a high airflow via your night cooling louvres.
That way, the impact of this technology is even greater — and you'll notice an even more marked difference in terms of the temperature.

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Combine night cooling with outdoor solar shading

Night cooling is a useful addition to your home in any case, but to tackle overheating in a really effective way, its best to go for the golden combo of night cooling and outdoor solar shading. Screens stop the sunlight even before it reaches the glass to prevent your interior from heating up too much during the day. At night, your night cooling ventilation kicks in to bring the temperature down by a few degrees more. Double the impact!

Combine night cooling with outdoor solar shading

What are the advantages of night cooling?

Summer heat is becoming ever more intense and persistent. That only serves to amplify the already countless benefits night cooling brings for your home.

  • The cooler outdoor air not only has a positive impact on the temperature; it also boosts the air quality indoors.
  • Compared to power-hungry air conditioning, night cooling is an extremely energy efficient system that relies on a natural flow of air.
  • The cleverly developed mesh in the night cooling louvres is insect and burglar resistant. On top of that, models with acoustic damping are available too.
  • Their minimalist design allows for optimal integration of night cooling louvres in your façade and interior.

ONight cooling maintenance

Improved living comfort thanks to pleasant temperatures indoors or minimal maintenance? With night cooling, there's no need to choose between the two.
The only thing you need to do guarantee an optimal flow of air summer after summer is dust and clean your night cooling louvres annually.

Why choose Renson® night cooling?

With over 50 years of experience in ventilation, you can count on Renson to deliver an ingenious and stylish solution for night cooling too.
Special night cooling louvres are fitted to the outside of your window, either temporarily or permanently.
These consist of louvres with insect mesh and a hatch you can open to generate a cooler flow or air — without giving insects or other unwanted visitors ant chance to get in.