Custom louvered pergola

Among other things, your exact pergola experience depends on the type of roof you go for. A louvered roof pergola consists of motorized aluminum louvres that you can open or close as you wish. This allows you to draw in the maximum amount of sunlight or create shade. On top of that, when the louvres are closed, you are perfectly protected from the rain. Enough reasons to consider a louvered pergola! 

Why choose a louvered pergola?

A pergola with louvres gives you complete control of the amount of light you let in through the roof. And that is before we mention the sleek design and assorted styles we offer. What your louvered roof looks like and how you use it is entirely up to you. 

Control natural light

Control natural light

Fully closed, fully open or somewhere in between: by playing around with the position of the louvres, you are in control of the exact amount of light you let in. One press of a button on your remote control is all it takes. 

Retractable louvres

Retractable louvres

Want to make the most of the beautiful weather by spending time under the wide-open sky? Fully retract the louvered roof and feel utterly at one with your outdoor environment, in complete peace and comfort. 

Modern design that exudes tranquillity

Modern design that exudes tranquillity

Adding architectural value is top of the agenda during every phase of the design process. The result: modern design that can be optimally integrated into your living environment. 

Superior quality
Superior quality
Our products are developed with an eye for design, durability and quality.
Minimalist design
Minimalist design
Visual simplicity adorns and retains the focus on the architectural feats of your design.
Extensive customization options
Extensive customization options
Modular product design and a wide range of options serve as the building blocks for your unique pergola. 
Ease of use and maintenance
Ease of use and maintenance
Minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment of your garden room, year after year. 

What is a louvered roof?

A louvered roof is a series of connected and motorized aluminum louvres that can be rotated up to a 150° angle. Changing the position of the louvres allows you to control the amount of light that comes in to your pergola. In other words, you have the ultimate level of control over the indoor climate of your outdoor space. 

Endless combinations with our side elements

Transparent glass, warm wood or homely curtains: with our wide range of side elements, you can quickly and easily add style and functionality to your pergola. Fixed panels, sliding walls or louvres? Go for a uniform overall appearance or mix and max as you wish with: 

Exterior curtains
Glass walls
Integrated fixscreen
Loggia sliding doors
Loggia canvas quick access

Extra accessories for your outdoor experience

Pleasant temperatures, your favorite music in the background and LED lighting to set just the right mood. These are just a few of the possibilities for your freestanding pergola. Simply add the right accessories to help realize your plans for your new outdoor space. The vast range of available options includes: 

The benefits of a louvered pergola

The flexible nature of this type of roof for your pergola is undoubtedly the biggest benefit a louvered pergola offers. You decide how much sun and wind enters your pergola in an effortless way. But there is more too: 

  • Continue to enjoy the pleasant warmth of the day in the evenings. By rotating the louvres in the right direction, you can trap the warm air underneath your pergola for extended periods of time. Prefer to cool down quickly, just like the outdoor air? Either way, it takes no time at all. 
  • No surprises when your louvres are open, and it suddenly starts to drizzle. The integrated rain sensors slide your louvered roof to its closed position when they detect rain. 

Are there any downsides to a louvered pergola?

With the louvres fully open, you can draw in the maximum amount of sunlight. That said, each individual louvre will cast a small strip of shadow. If you have a retractable roof, this is no longer an issue: simply fully retract your roof to enjoy that glorious sunshine to the full. 

Design your own louvered pergola

A pergola tailored to your wishes and daily life is the best guarantee for enjoying the outdoors without a care in the world. Simply put together your ideal configuration yourself in our handy configurator. Any changes you make are immediately reflected in the visualization of your pergola. Practical and crystal clear! Save your configurations or send them straight to an official Renson® Ambassador near you 

Configure your louvered pergola   ›
Design your own louvered pergola

Need inspiration for your louvered pergola?

Our six complete Design Styles allow you to pick the total package that best suits your style and home.

A pergola with a retractable fabric roof, or with a louvered roof?

Aside from a louvered roof, you can also finish your pergola with a retractable fabric roof. Which roof to go for depends on your wishes and needs. To help you get some way towards making a choice, we have drawn up a comparison for you below. 

Louvered roof

  • Horizontal roof structure
  • Lean-to, integrated or freestanding 
  • Natural light adjustable via louvres
  • Roof louvres rotate or slide open but never 'disappear'
  • No natural light from the top with the louvres closed (except with translucent louvres)
  • Can be sealed off using a wide range of side elements
  • Windproof up to 160 km/h
  • Drainage flow up to 150 l/m².h
  • Resistant against snow loads > 100 kg/m² with louvres closed 
  • All possible RAL colors available for the roof 

Retractable fabric roof

  • Sloped roof structure
  • Lean-to against a wall only
  • Natural light adjustable by opening and closing the screen roof
  • Roof completely 'disappears'
  • The fabric lets through filtered light when closed
  • Sides can be sealed off using surface-mounted screens
  • Windproof up to 100 km/h
  • More limited water drainage flow up to 50 l/m².h
  • No snow resistance with screen roof closed 
  • Limited choice of colors for the screen roof 
Outdoor living 2

Download the inspiration brochure

Allow yourself to be inspired by the wide range of projects we have completed in our digital brochure. Find out more about the different models and accessories. 

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Extra comfort with electrically controlled louvres

Suddenly too hot while enjoying a drink in fine company? Creating extra shadow instantly boosts the atmosphere. Having to manually rotate all those louvres to the right position, on the other hand, is a genuine mood killer. Luckily, the electrical controls are right at hand with the Renson® Connect app. In just a matter of seconds, you have the indoor climate just right. Cheers! 

Extra comfort with electrically controlled louvres

How to maintain a louvered pergola

To prevent dirt from accumulating in between the louvres and to keep making sure your roof closes properly, you will need to clean it on a regular basis. Simply move the louvres to their fully open position, remove any twigs and leaves and clean them with water and a mild soap. The Renson® Maintenance Set enables you to apply a protective coating that keeps your aluminum louvres in top condition for many years to come. 

How to maintain a louvered pergola

A custom louvered pergola

Want to experience the benefits of a louvered pergola for yourself day after day? Renson® offers several pergola models with aluminum louvres. Whether you are opting for a freestanding pergola or for a lean-to pergola adjoining your home: a louvered roof will always prove to be an excellent choice. 


The minimum dimensions of your louvered roof depend on what you want to use the roof for. This includes the furniture you wish to place underneath it, how much free space you want around the furniture, the inserts and accessories you want, etc. All our pergolas are customised and can be ordered down to the mm. For larger dimensions, you can couple different louvered roofs.

You can turn/tilt the motorised blades of a louvered roof pergola as desired. This means you can take full advantage of the sun, or enjoy a little shade. When the blades are completely closed, they offer full protection from the rain.

Renson louvered roofs are (almost) always custom-made. Prices are therefore strongly dependent on the required dimensions, accessories, roof types, etc. You can contact our recognised distributor network for a quote.

A louvered roof is an open outdoor living space, and cannot be compared to a (thermally) closed, water and windproof veranda. The bladed roof of our pergola is water-repellant. However, condensation can form on the bottom side of the blades. Therefore it important to ensure the furniture, floor, etc. are suitable for outdoor use. The arrangement, location, finish, execution, installation and exceptional weather conditions influence the water tightness. Perforated louvres in the gutters minimise water splashing into the gutters during heavy rainfall, but this can never be completely avoided.

The roof blades of our patio covers can be rotated from 0 to 150°. The patented S-drive technology ensures the roof blades of the Camargue Skye can also slide fully open.

Renson louvered roofs are carefully developed, tested and custom-made from aluminium. The warranty on the pergola starts after installation by a recognised distributor. The exact warranty you get depends on the type of canopy cover. Carrying out annual maintenance on your patio cover means you can take advantage of the extended paint warranty of 15 years.