Optimal enjoyment of the garden and patio

Outdoor living in every season

You can enjoy life in your garden with the same comfort as inside under your pergola or garden room. With a wide choice of models available in extension or free-standing models, with different colours, accessories and finishes, you can make your outdoor living space extra personal. And we can go at your pace to meet your needs and requirements and protect you against all weather conditions.

Would you like to enjoy your garden and patio all year round?

Integrated heating elements, solar shading, glass walls or sliding panels, a tilting louvred pergola, etc. The advice you get from your Renson dealer will help you easily make the right choices for enjoying beautiful moments outdoors, all year round. It all starts by making a choice between an extension or a free-standing version.

Freestanding pergola

  Freestanding pergola
  Freestanding pergola

Relax, work or play sports: you can do it in comfort under your freestanding pergola or garden room, surrounded by greenery.

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Lean to pergola

  Lean to pergola
  Lean to pergola

As an extension of your house, an attached pergola or garden room quickly creates extra space offering many practical advantages.

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Shade and sun whenever you want

Are you ready to enjoy a nice moment in the shade, or have your own place in the sun? An louvred pergola lets you choose between sun and shade at any time whenever you like. You can open or close the blades quickly and easily with the remote control or via the app. If you have a retractable louvred pergola, you can even enjoy the open air if you wish.

Schaduw en zon wanneer jij wil Schaduw en zon wanneer jij wil 

Design the canopy cover of your dreams

Use the Renson® Outdoor Configurator to create your personal outdoor experience online. Choose your favorite model, input your canopy cover dimensions, add accessories, switch between side elements and find your ideal set up. Save your configuration and take it to a Renson® distributor near you. 

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Stel de overkapping van jouw dromen samen

Extra privacy and shade through side elements

Do you want to add a living space, a cool shaded spot on a hot day, or a combination of open surfaces and protected walls? The wide range of side elements offer any interpretation tailored to your daily life.

Exterior curtains
Glass walls
Integrated fixscreen
Loggia sliding doors
Loggia canvas quick access

Enjoy your Pergola in every season

A Renson pergola not only extends the summer. You can live outside during all 4 seasons, surrounded by nature and enjoying modern comforts inside. From a sheltered dining room for your winter barbecue to an oasis of peace under a blue sky.


It’s a surprising fact, but around 6 in 10 people spend less than 15 minutes outside in the winter. 1 in 10 doesn’t spend any time at all outside during winter. A pergola or garden room gives you a nice place to relax in the garden, even on the coldest and wettest winter days. Heating elements offer pleasant temperatures, glass walls provide shelter, while cosy LED lighting sets up the atmosphere. These are just a few of the options available for your winter-proof canopy cover. Enjoy a winter barbecue in the best possible conditions.

Winter Winter 
Lente Lente 


The first sun starts to lure you outside, but spring weather can be fickle, and it can quickly cool down in the evening. A pergola or garden room allows you to extend the spring days. And when it gets chilly, simply turn on the integrated heating elements. And when the sun is peeking out? Slide the blades open and maximise your enjoyment of the sun’s heat and light.


Sweaty breathlessness in the summer? No, thanks. Luckily, just like in your home, you can also create a refreshing spot in your garden for the summer. With the louvred pergola closed and the integrated outdoor blinds down, the temperatures under your pergola or garden room will remain pleasantly cool; and as a bonus, you will keep insects out. So enjoy the benefits of the summer sun, without the annoying side effects.

Zomer Zomer 
Herfst Herfst 


A healthy dose of vitamin D is the best remedy for an autumn dip. Throughout the autumn, tap into the best natural source for this all-important vitamin under your pergola or garden room. No vitamin supplement can compete with the sun. And when it starts to get a little on the fresh side? Turn the heaters on and create a comfortable temperature in your garden room. Or opt for a fireplace and make everything cosy.

Be inspired

How you use a aluminium pergola or garden room to create more space is entirely up to you. The possibilities are actually endless. Once you have chosen the most suitable type, adding accessories and customising your new outdoor space is easy so you will get exactly what you are looking for. And we can already give you some ideas.

Lounge seating area in your garden

Simply relax, drink an aperitif or read an exciting book: a cosy, comfortable seating area in your garden is worth its weight in gold. With a lounge under your pergola or garden room, you’re in the right place at any time. And if the rains starts to fall or the wind starts to blow? No worries! Sit comfortably.

Lounge zithoek in je tuin Lounge zithoek in je tuin 
Moderne poolhouse Moderne poolhouse 

Modern pool house

A pool house is no longer just a storage place for your swimming pool equipment and garden furniture. A Renson pergola or garden room offers so much more. Enjoy sitting by the water, maybe you want a unique outdoor bar for your next pool party, or make it the ideal location for a barbecue with family: these are just a few of the possibilities of a modern pool house.

Eating together in the garden

Good company and a nice environment add the extra ingredients to a great meal. You can effortlessly create a comfortable and pleasant place to eat under your pergola or garden room. Do you want to enjoy outdoor dining in the winter, or a shaded spot during the hottest days of summer and still sheltered from a sudden summer storm? Take your pick. You can choose to add outdoor blinds, a louvred pergola, glass walls or suitable accessories yourself.

Gezellig samen eten in de tuin Gezellig samen eten in de tuin 

Renson® canopy covers: be outside, yet inside

A Renson pergola or garden room combines the best of both worlds. Enjoy the comfort of being outside, but feel as though you are inside. Fully enjoy your garden and the oxygen-rich nature under the shelter of your Renson canopy cover. Together we can blur the line between the indoor and outdoor home experience. And of course, feel free to share the experience gladly with your friends and family.