• Rain and/or wind sensor available for fully automated operation
  • Fully configurable to your needs
  • Independent operation when you are not home

Sensors for automated control of your pergola

Adding automated controls to your carport or pergola base on multiple sensors extends the lifespan of your pergola and reduces your energy consumption. With a wind, rain and/or sun sensor, you're optimally protected in all weather circumstances. The sensors operate based on pre-configured scenarios, fully in line with your requirements. 

Automated controls, even when you are not at home

Your pergola will automatically adjust to the weather and current situation, including when you are not at home: 

  • The wind sensor automatically moves your pergola and Fixscreen®s to the most secure position when the wind speed exceeds a certain level or in stormy weather. That way, they are optimally protected against storm damage.

  • For Lapure®, a sun sensor is also available. This adjusts the screens depending on the intensity of the sun to always guarantee a pleasant indoor temperature. 
  • The rain sensor automatically closes the roof of your patio when rain is detected. In combination with the integrated temperature sensor, it also doubles up as a snow sensor.



Sensors can be integrated into

Wind sensorRain sensor
Sun sensor
Camargue Skye®-
Algarve Canvas®---
Aero Canvas®---
Aero Skye®-