Nature and architecture, hand in hand

At Renson®, we love the outdoors. Barbecuing with friends, relaxing in the sun or taking some time out for yourself with your favorite drink: life is there to be enjoyed to the full. To make your outdoor experience even better, Renson® has developed outdoor concepts that are both functional and aesthetically outstanding. Our pergolas are a perfect match for your home and blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors. 

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Patented technology for top performance

You can rest assured that by choosing Renson®, you are choosing the highest standard of quality. Every one of our products is put through a comprehensive testing and certification process in accordance with the strictest standards. Our patented technology and many years of experience is what set us apart in this. Renson® has been active as a family business since 1909. Few can make that claim.

Renson® does not just stop at quality: freedom of choice is another one of our top priorities. Our products are fully customizable, and or product range is guarantees to contain something to suit your taste. If you are still unsure what exactly you are looking for, our selection of complete Design Styles to match the latest color trends is bound to help you get some way towards deciding. With the perfect harmony of colors and materials in each style, you can get the most out of your new outdoor space all year round. 

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