Vertical cladding systems

For façades with character

Your interior is an expression of who you are — and your façade can tell your story too. Renson®'s Linarte® vertical cladding system gives you all the freedom you could wish for. Durable quality and a sleek, minimalist look are guaranteed for both newbuild and renovation projects. 

Which applications is vertical cladding suitable for? 

The wide range of options offered by this vertical cladding system mean it can be used for a variety of applications. 
There's a suitable Linarte® façade, whatever the project. 

Newbuild and renovation

Newbuild and renovation

Retrofit insulation or brand-new brickwork? Linarte® adds a stylish finish to both. 


Doors and ports

Integrate your external doors into your façade by extending your Linarte® profiles across them. 

Tilting and sectional doors

Tilting and sectional doors

Linarte®'s total concept can also be extended across tilting and sectional doors. 

Interior walls

Interior walls

Use Linarte® on an accent wall in your interior to emphasize the connection between the inside and outside.  

Durable quality
Durable quality
From the choice of aluminum to the invisible fixation elements and integrated accessories, you can always count on the best quality. 
Functional design
Functional design

As a semi-open cladding system in front of your windows, Linarte® keeps out the heat from the sun while safeguarding your privacy inside.  

Endlessly customizable
Endlessly customizable
Curved walls or a mix of profiles in a color of your choice? Integrated LEDs, wooden inserts or even a house number? The possibilities are endless.
Total concept
Total concept

Linarte® enables you to apply the perfect finish, from the tiniest corner to the least obvious detail on your door. 


Finishing façades or façade elements to create a sleek and uniform look using a variety of vertical profiles: that's what Linarte® was designed for. 

  • five different aluminum designs
  • patented click system for fastening
  • gates and doors can be integrated using the same profiles 
  • wood or LED inserts
  • seamless integration of door handles, intercom systems, outdoor plug sockets or taps 
  • garden elements available in the same design
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Dress up your wall with Renson Linarte

The benefits of a vertical cladding system

Renson®'s vertical cladding system gives you all the freedom you could wish for to create an exceptional look for your façade. On top of that, our aluminum Linarte® profiles are light as a feather and extremely strong, and that has its advantages too: 

  • Your home's showpiece stays clean and radiant with minimal effort. All you need to do is clean the powder coated profiles every now and then. 
  • The aluminum profiles and invisible fixation elements combine to add a sleek, contemporary and timeless design to your façade.
  • Combining various profiles enables you to create a façade with an interplay of shadows. The wooden inserts, LEDs and integrated accessories complete your personal design. 

Vertical cladding systems for exteriors and interiors

First and foremost, our vertical Linarte® profiles were designed to lift your façade to a higher architectural level. But the story doesn't end there. This cladding system can also be used to add a surprising allure to interior walls. Extending the profiles allows you to emphasize the connection between inside and out. That way, you get even more pleasure out of your entire living space. 

Vertical cladding systems for exteriors and interiors

Integrated LED lighting and wood*

Want to get the most out of your vertical cladding? You can do so by integrating LED lighting. Our LEDs combine ambient and functional lighting in a single solution. Alternatively, how about wooden inserts? Running across the full height of your façade, a single insert here and there or a custom house number carefully cut to size: they're all guaranteed to leave an impression. 

* Protected by multiple Intellectual Property rights.

Integrated LED lighting and wood

Durable and stylish façade cladding

As always at Renson®, design and functionality go hand-in-hand in our Linarte® cladding system. The aluminum profiles are light as a feather and perfectly resistant against weather and wind. That way, you can continue to enjoy your timeless façade for many years to come. Once it has served its purpose, the aluminum is completely recyclable. That's the Renson® definition of durable quality. 

Durable and stylish façade cladding

How to maintain your vertical cladding

One of the best things about aluminium cladding is just how little maintenance it needs. 
That applies just as much to our vertical Linarte® louvres. Simply clean your façade using lukewarm every now and then. 
That's all you need to do to keep your façade in top condition!

Interested in learning more about the pricing of these low-maintenance cladding solutions? Discover the pricing options for our Linarte vertical cladding systems here, combining ease of maintenance with contemporary design.

Renson®: A BROAD experience in cladding systems 

Renson® has been designing durable façade solutions for many years.  
Our cladding systems combine contemporary design and functional added value in their high-quality cladding. 
That much is guaranteed thanks to our decades of experience and keen market awareness. 
Our Linius® horizontal cladding system and Linarte® vertical cladding system are the result of this process. 

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