Integrated Fixscreen

  • Screen head box concealed in the support structure
  • Side guiding channels integrated in the columns
  • Fixscreen® technology ensures fabric stays taut 
  • Can be seamlessly integrated even after initial installation 
  • High wind resistance

Integrated screens as side walls for your Camargue® pergola

Fitting a solar shading fabric as a side wall to your pergola allows you to enjoy the outdoor life even more. When the screens of your pergola are down, you are protected from sun, wind, rain and even nasty insects at all times. The coated fiberglass fabric is colorfast as well as resistant to moisture and heat. Combine shut screens with heating elements to continue enjoying your pergola deep into the evening!

Extra strong and invisible integration

The screens are invisibly integrated into the support structure of your pergola. The patented guiding system with a zip concept ensures the fabric stays firmly attached to the side guiding channels. Connect&Go technology makes installation and disassembly a doddle. By the way, did you know that our fabrics are available in sizes up to 17 m²?

Personalize your integrated screen fabric

Want to personalize your integrated screen fabric? Choose from around 50 colors and different weave patterns to create the ideal level of transparency. Alternatively, integrate a full-width crystal window to retain an optimal view of the outside. Prefer to add an extra special touch the screen in your pergola? Have it printed with your logo or your favorite photo! 

Geïntegreerde screen

Geïntegreerde screen

Geïntegreerde screen