Decentralised ventilation system

A breather for your room

Looking for a ventilation solution for one specific room? Minor renovation, but ventilation still top of the list? Struggling with damp or mould in the bathroom? A decentralised ventilation system enables you to improve the air quality in a single room in a demand-driven and effective way.

When to opt for a decentralised ventilation system

The main benefit of a decentralised ventilation system is how easy it is to install:
it gives you the chance to add a fully automated ventilation solution to your home without needing to strip too much out. Plug and play: it's that easy!

For existing homes

For existing homes

Toilet Bathroom fan broken, or simply need a more powerful and effective ventilation system? Ventilate your space without the need to strip anything out.

Small renovation projects

Small renovation projects

During minor renovations, having to fit ventilation ducts throughout your home is often not the ideal solution. A decentralised ventilation system is the solution.

Lack of space

Lack of space

No room in the floors or ceilings for a network of ventilation ducts? A decentralised ventilation system is a handy alternative.

Superior quality
Superior quality
Design, durability and quality go hand in hand at Renson.
High-quality materials and durable technology for long-term user comfort.
The best quality in every aspect. That's how we guarantee durability.
Minimalist design extraction louvres
Minimalist design extraction louvres
Visual simplicity adorns and retains the focus on the architectural features of your home. Perfect integration and subtle design of your ventilation system.
From window louvres to fans: sophisticated design for optimal integration.
Demand-driven and fully automated
Demand-driven and fully automated
Automated control of ventilation airflow for clean indoor air.
Ventilation to suit the current air quality.
Breathe easy at all times thanks to demand-driven operation.
Ease of use and maintenance
Ease of use and maintenance
Carefree living with minimal maintenance and maximal ease of use.
Breathe freely and easily, without major maintenance tasks or complex controls.
Minimal maintenance and optimal ease of use for your everyday comfort.

Waves: demand-driven decentralised ventilation system

Waves is Renson’s decentralised ventilation system. The fans serve the room fully automatically, based on the current air quality. Sensors integrated into the ventilation unit are constantly on the lookout for signs of humidity and odours. If you'd like to monitor and improve the CO2 level too, opt for the Waves version with a CO2 sensor.

Waves: demand-driven decentralised ventilation system

Why a ventilation system matters

On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors, and the air quality inside is often poorer than it is outside. Counterintuitive as that sounds, this problem is quick to solve using an effective and reliable mechanical ventilation system. Your ventilation system extracts polluted, humid air and replaces it with fresh outdoor air to guarantee a healthy indoor climate, all year round.

Why ventilate? - Why a ventilation system matters

What is decentralised ventilation?

A decentralised ventilation system monitors and controls the air quality in one specific room, in contrast to a centralised ventilation system, which operates throughout the entire home. The fan monitors the humidity level and odours — and the CO2 level, if required — via integrated sensors. That way, the system can spring into action as soon as necessary, and you get to enjoy optimal indoor air in your ventilated space.

What is decentralised ventilation?

The advantages of decentralised ventilation

A decentralised ventilation system enables you to significantly improve the air quality in one specific room without any major work. Damp issues in the bathroom, for example, can be instantly resolved by fitting a decentralised fan.

  • Avoid needing to strip too much out with a decentralised ventilation system. Your system is ready to go as soon as the simple installation process is complete.
  • This system without ventilation ducts is known for its quiet operation: no high air pressure moving through the ducts means more comfort for you.
  • Decentralised ventilation is cheaper, and the quick installation process means it costs even less. In other words: it's an accessible solution with a major impact.

The downsides of decentralised ventilation

A decentralised ventilation system delivers an instant positive impact on the air quality in your room. The downside is that you do need a fan in every humid room. It is the ideal solution if you are unable to fit ducts towards a central unit. If a network of air ducts is an option, it should be noted that a centralised system is a quieter, more energy-efficient and robust solution.

Where can a decentralised ventilation system be installed?

Thanks to its easy installation method, decentralised ventilation can be fitted in just about every room — particularly in less obvious places.
In these more challenging settings, its best to keep a few pointers in mind.

Long, narrow rooms

  • The airflow reach is limited in terms of distance
  • Use two small units instead of one large unit

Rooms with a high or sloped ceiling

  • Our large units are ideal for rooms with high ceilings
  • In rooms with sloped ceilings, it's best to fit the units as high up as possible

Rooms with ceiling beams

  • Ceiling beams can block the flow of air
  • Take the positioning of the beams into account to find the ideal place for the unit

Centralised or decentralised ventilation?

Renovating multiple rooms and want to guarantee healthy air everywhere?
Our centralised ventilation system Healthbox 3.0 and Endura Delta systems also ventilate on the basis of the humidity level, CO2 and unpleasant odours — just like our decentralised Waves systems.
For various reasons, a centralised solution might be the better option for you.

Decentralised system

  • One ventilation unit for every room
  • For both newbuild and renovation projects.
  • Slightly more noise

Centralised system

  • One ventilation unit for multiple rooms
  • For (complete) renovation or newbuild projects
  • SQuieter, more energy-efficient and more robust

How to maintain a decentralised ventilation system

If in your eyes, optimal living comfort goes hand in hand with minimal maintenance, you've come to the right place.
Our Waves decentralised ventilation system requires little or no maintenance. All you need to do is thoroughly clean the ducts every two years.

Save energy with a decentralised ventilation system

With just a single fan, Waves by Renson is an energy-efficient solution for healthy indoor air. Add in demand-driven operation — based on real-time measurements by the built-in sensors and your living patterns — and you can rest assured the system always provides just enough ventilation, but never too much. The definition of energy-efficient!

Save energy with a decentralised ventilation system

Renson: more than 50 years of experience in ventilation

Good ventilation has become an increasingly hot topic over the past few years — and that's also reflected in the specific regulations and obligations when you build or renovate a home. Renson has been putting its insights and dedicated knowhow in to practice for decades. For over 50 years, our team has been committed to healthy indoor air in your home. Breathe freely and without a care with a Renson ventilation solution.

Any questions?

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to ventilation, and you may be left with certain questions.
We've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions for you, but if there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to contact us.