Post-installation of solar shading has never been so easy and sustainable

Renson® Fixscreen® Solar: solar-powered sun protection fabric

Windproof sun protection fabric or external outdoor blinds have long proven their worth in combating overheating in the home, but a number of recent hot summers and heat waves have made homeowners realise more than ever that it is the only efficient way to prevent the indoor temperature from increasing too much on hot days.

Outdoor solar shading keeps the sun where it belongs – outside, before it can reach the glass – and thus prevents the indoors heating up too quickly. Because it is important to understand that, in today’s well-insulated and airtight homes, it is not easy to remove the heat that finds it’s way inside. In terms of energy efficiency, keeping homes pleasantly fresh inside on hot days has become an almost greater challenge than heating them efficiently in winter.

The advantages of sun protection fabric are that, unlike roller shutters, you can still enjoy daylight inside and you do not have to lose your view to the outside. During the winter you can take full advantage of the free solar heat with the outdoor blinds up. 

Doekzonwering op zonne-energie

Sun protection fabric with solar cell

For those who still want to equip their existing home with sun protection fabric, there is now the new Fix outdoor Solar blind from Renson. Equipped with a solar cell on the fabric box, this makes the installation much easier – even after your home has been built. Needless to say, this solar-powered outdoor blind also scores highly in terms of sustainability. The solar energy is stored in the internal battery for when the user wants to roll the outdoor blind up or down. The solar cell can be positioned to the left or right on the fabric box. The outdoor blind comes with a radio-controlled motor, and the battery is located in a box profile at the bottom of the head box. 

3 years ago, we decided to equip the bedrooms in our new-build home with roller shutters,” says a resident in Vosselaar, Belgium. “After some warm summers, we decided to fit outdoor blinds on the windows of the other rooms. Roller shutters were no longer an option this time, however, as very large head boxes would have been hanging in front of the windows. And that is not the case with the outdoor blinds: you can hardly see them, they’re so slim and modern. Since the Fixscreen Solar runs on solar energy, the installer did not even have to drill through the wall to connect it to the mains. The installation went very smoothly and everything stayed nice and tidy.”

Renson Fixscreen Solar: solar-powered sun protection fabric Renson Fixscreen Solar: solar-powered sun protection fabric

Subtle presence

The design of the outdoor blinds has been developed thoroughly. The dimensions of the head box were deliberately kept as small as possible. On the one hand, this is to preserve as much window surface as possible, and on the other to keep the outdoor blinds discreet. The intention was to ensure they were not conspicuously visible, disturbing the image of the façade.

Renson Fixscreen Solar

  • Vertical windproof sun protection fabric with solar cell, suitable for window surfaces up to 10.8 m².

  • A solar cell installed on the front of the head box powers the control of the outdoor blind, meaning no separate electrical wiring is required.

  • The fabric box is 100 mm deep and 130 mm high, so that a maximum of window area is kept free and the unit does not disturb the look of the façade. 

  • The aluminium of the guiding channels and the head box can be powder coated in any RAL colour, so that the colour matches the existing joinery.

  • The screen fabric can be fully personalised: colour, degree of transparency, blackout fabric if desired, etc.

For detailed information on the pricing of these innovative solar-powered sun protection solutions, visit our pricing page.

Subtiel design Renson Fixscreen Solar