Sick? Provide ventilation!

So many sick people in winter

One of the reasons why so many of us become ill during this period is because we lock ourselves away in our homes, offices, and schools. Nowadays, our buildings are very well insulated – and insulation techniques are getting better and better. On the one hand, we applaud this because it saves money on our energy bill and reduces the burden on the environment, but on the other hand, unhealthy, polluted air remains trapped in the house. The air we breathe out is not refreshed and we breathe in again and again. We probably don’t need to draw a picture of what happens when we’re sick and why diseases spread so fast. 

The importance of fresh air when ill

It is important that the air in our homes is refreshed as much as possible. Not only does it ensure that the bacteria are removed, but fresh air is conducive to faster recovery. What we actually need – especially in the winter when we lock ourselves in our homes – is constant ventilation. Just opening a window for 15 minutes doesn’t really do any good. Make no mistake, opening your window does have a positive effect, but it disappears fairly quickly.

We can ensure that your home is constantly ventilated with the Renson Healthbox 3.0. But our system does a lot more than that. The Healthbox is a ‘smart’ system and contains detectors that constantly monitor the air in the house. If the Healthbox 3.0 detects polluted air, the system will automatically remove that polluted air and replace it with healthy, fresh air from outside.

Healthbox® 3.0: smart and demand-driven ventilation

The Healthbox 3.0 is fully geared to your life. Because, honestly, does the house need to be ventilated when everyone is out? Of course not! On the other hand, if there are a lot of people in certain rooms, the system will provide extra ventilation. The Healthbox 3.0 constantly measures the amount of CO2 (the main component of the air we breathe out) and – based on this – the system ‘knows’ whether there are people in the house or not. Our system doesn’t distinguish between ‘wet’ (kitchen or bathroom) or ‘dry’ (bedroom or living room) rooms; our system will remove polluted air if this is detected, even in the latter type of room. This is called 'Smartzone ventilation'.

Sick? Provide ventilation in the bedroom!

If someone is sick in their bedroom, the Healthbox 3.0 will also remove the bacteria-contaminated air in that room and replace it with fresh, healthy air from outside. This prevents the bacteria from spreading to the other living spaces in the house, making the Healthbox 3.0 unique on the market. In other words, the unhealthy air is removed immediately, so that the spread of the disease is greatly slowed down. Furthermore, the constant supply of fresh air only benefits the sick person’s recovery.

Healthy air is vital. Therefore, the Healthbox 3.0 is not only the brain, it is also the heart of your home. Discover the Healthbox 3.0 here. Before you know it, it’ll have worked its way into your heart too.

Nick De Landsheer
Author: Nick De Landsheer

Nick De Landsheer is a ventilation specialist with more than 25 years’ experience in the HVAC sector, working for renowned companies such as Renson. Nick played a key role in developing the C+ ventilation system. At the 2019 Batimat construction trade fair in Paris, Nick was honoured to receive the Innovation Award for the Healthbox 3.0, a smart demand-driven ventilation system using SmartConnect technology.

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