Healthy School Concept

Optimal indoor climate in schools thanks to the global Renson® Healthy School concept

A better indoor climate in schools is a fundamental right – especially when you know that children spend one-third of their time in school during the school year.

An inadequate climate and irregular temperatures result in complaints such as dry eyes and throats, headaches and drowsiness. Not to mention the negative influence on the quality of learning.

That is why Renson® wants to work with you to create a textbook example of a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. In concrete terms, we combine three solutions in the Healthy School Concept: continuous and controlled basic ventilation, ventilated cooling and external sun protection.

Gezond en comfortabel binnenklimaat

Non-stop basic ventilation: improving the indoor climate in schools

Thorough insulation and airtight construction are the norms today. A good thing, but it makes the quality of temperature and the indoor climate in schools a crucial issue. Humidity, CO2 and other harmful elements must not be given free rein. Continuous and correct ventilation in the classrooms is, therefore, a must. Renson installs controlled basic ventilation that guarantees good air quality every day.

Self-regulating ventilation grilles supply fresh air, while discharge nozzles in combination with a Renson® Health Connector control the discharge of polluted air. Additional advantages? There is never more ventilation than strictly necessary (so no energy is wasted) and the system maintenance is minimal.

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Ventilation cooling: natural temperature control

The average temperature increases annually, thus also the costs for cooling. However, this can be completely free of charge and natural with special window grids that allow large quantities of cooler air to enter at night.

Thanks to this ventilated cooling, five air changes per hour can reduce the indoor temperature by as much as 5 degrees during the summer.
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External sun protection: customized daylight

On hot days, it can often become too warm in the classrooms, which does not favor learning conditions at all. Ventilated cooling combined with the control of incoming sunlight counteracts overheating. External sunscreens, Loggia sliding panels or aluminum awnings above / in front of the windows prevent the sun from hitting the glass.

Using any of these methods, you avoid the uncontrollable temperature rise in classrooms, however, daylight continues to enter and the outside view is not hindered.

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Terrace covers: carefree outdoor playing

An optimal indoor climate in schools is important, as is a comfortable climate outdoors. The Healthy School Concept also has an answer for this with an extensive range of terrace covers.

Thanks to this solution, children are always sheltered, no matter what the weather conditions: sun, wind, rain or snow. This way, they can enjoy the outdoors all year round without a care in the world.
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Healthy school concept

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