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Garden fence with a sleek vertical design [Case Study]

Even though it was designed to be used as individual profiles for vertical façade cladding, it was clear to Renson® from the very first stroke of the designer’s pen that Linarte® had much more to offer. Free-standing walls, garden benches and planters, or a fixed wall under a patio cover… the vertical design can be used anywhere to achieve a consistent overall design and a neatly finished garden. And this is also true in garden fencing.


“A few years ago, we renewed our garden fencing with a construction of concrete slabs and posts with horizontal wooden planks,” say the owners of this house who were mainly looking for extra privacy around the pool. “But we only saw it as a temporary solution. Over the long term, we planned to look for an alternative with a warmer, sleeker appearance.”

Owner: “We chose aluminum because of the color fastness and the fact that it is maintenance-free.

 And for that alternative, they were only able to find advice based on wood, and not in combination with other materials. “But we ultimately chose aluminium because of the color fastness and the fact that it’s maintenance-free. Also, our preferences for the wood to be used turned out to be tropical wood species, and this played an important part in our decision. For obvious ecological reasons, we would never have felt comfortable with that choice.”

Maintenance-friendliness was therefore at the top of the wish list the residents brought to Renson® Ambassador, Suncomfort. “But,” recalls business manager Koen Coffé, “durability, a sleek design, and originality were important factors in their choice for Linarte® . And we couldn’t forget the possibility of incorporating lighting in the garden fence around the swimming pool.”

“We first noticed Linarte® through Suncomfort’s Facebook page,” agree the owners. “In addition, we have seen a Linarte façade within walking distance of our house. We immediately saw how aesthetically pleasing this was. We attended the Batibouw trade fair (looking for more information) and we saw everything Linarte® had to offer for the first time at the Renson® stand. It was there that Koen worked with us and talked to us about the possibilities available for our garden fencing, and we really appreciated that.”

“The first question was, of course, whether it was even possible to place a Linarte® wall against the existing garden fence,” recalls Koen Coffé. “We looked at how high the wall would have to be to hide the neighbour’s garage as much as possible, whether or not a door could be incorporated, etc.; in fact, we went through all the possibilities.” Ultimately, this resulted in a detailed plan that included LED lighting and wooden inserts integrated into the Linarte® wall. The proposal to install a gate discreetly between the fence and house was also well received. It is hardly noticeable from the pool, and seems to be an extension of the closure. As a nice bonus, the integrated LED lighting – which was initially intended to be used as mood lighting – can also be used functionally because the light intensity can be set.

Koen Coffé (Renson® Ambassador at Suncomfort): “Durability, a sleek design, and originality were important factors in their choice for Linarte®, as was the possibility to incorporate lighting.”

Tuinafsluiting in strak verticaal designjasje

The entire garden fence was completed in two days. Since then, the residents have been able to enjoy a real upgrade of their garden. And there is no doubt they are satisfied with the result. In the meantime, the new veranda has also been finished with aluminum façade cladding in the same RAL color as the Linarte® garden fence.