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Renson® pergolas and patio covers: outside and yet inside

This Renson®’s Camargue® pergola transforms a beautiful patio at the Belgian seaside resort of Knokke into an inviting lounge area that can be used in all seasons and at all temperatures. Read on to check out the full pergola review.

Renson terrasoverkappingen: buiten en toch binnen

The owners of this impressive villa and garden in Knokke love aesthetic and practical solutions, which is why they opted for a stylish wooden patio that slides over the swimming pool when not in use. A patio cover was the last thing missing to finish the whole area off, explains the owner. “We have a nice set of garden furniture on the patio, but I didn’t feel like lugging cushions in and out all the time. Of course, you could use protective plastic covers, but if an unexpected visitor drops in while it’s raining, you end up looking out at a garden full of plastic. So we started looking for a patio cover to solve the problem and ended up at Renson®.

Renson terrasoverkappingen: buiten en toch binnen

The Camargue® pergola with louvers, stylish and fully customizable, has in effect given them an additional outdoor space that can also cover the swimming pool or patio; it’s all up to them. And since the patio cover is movable, they can still sit entirely outdoors, weather permitting. Furthermore, the patio can be transformed into a completely private space using the Loggia sliding panels on the back, where the rotating cedar wood blades in the aluminium frame can be opened or closed as desired, and screens on the other three sides.

A Renson® pergola: the best of both worlds

In other words, the owners were looking for both an airy structure to shelter under that still gave the feeling of being outdoors, and a cosy, outdoor living room that they could screen off and then relax on the patio or in the swimming pool in complete privacy.

The owner confirms: “We can enjoy the patio as much as ever when the sun is shining, but now we don’t have to tidy away the cushions when we leave. If it starts raining while we’re not home, the rain sensor picks this up and the bladed roof closes automatically. And if the wind is too strong on one side, we just close the screen on that side and can still enjoy the patio without the draught. And in the evening, when it gets cooler, we can switch on the built-in infrared heating. The dimmable LED lights make it very cosy. We sometimes have our pre-dinner drinks outside even in the depths of winter.”

Renson terrasoverkappingen: buiten en toch binnen

Perfect harmony

In terms of style, materials, and colours, the Camargue® patio cover is a perfect match for the atmosphere of both the house and garden. “People who come here for the first time can’t believe that the patio cover was installed later,” says the owner. She chose the colors and wood to match the garden furniture, the carpentry of the house, and the patio tiles. Wooden accents were used in the Loggia panels to better blend the elegance and modernity of the aluminim with house’s country style. The screens are made of classic Sergé fiberglass fabric with a seven-year warranty and are partially transparent, and thus not completely darkening.

A better life outdoors thanks to your patio cover

Situated at the end of the garden, the construction immediately catches the eye and enhances the overall feel. And now the ever-changing weather doesn’t stop us from enjoying outdoor life whenever we want. Discover all our aluminum pergolas and patio covers.

Renson terrasoverkappingen: buiten en toch binnen
Sue Deloore
Author: Sue Deloore

Sue Deloore is an outdoor living specialist at Renson. She has an industrial engineering degree in electro-mechanics and completed a project management course at Vlerick Business School. She has shared her expertise on outdoor living and architecture on several reputable websites, such as Architectura.be, Bouwinfo.be and A-plus.be.

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