Fensterbau Frontale: Creating healthy spaces with solar screens and window ventilation

From the 18th until the 21st of March you’ll find Renson® at Fensterbau Frontale in Nürnberg, Germany. On our stand you’ll discover how we use ventilation and sun protection to turn buildings into healthy spaces. We mainly focus on the high-rise and residential market. We will now explore how our products can be applied within these sectors.

Our Summers are getting hotter and our houses are better insulated. In terms of saving energy, this is a great, but our insulated houses also tend to overheat when it’s hot outside. The sun heats up the house via the windows but, the heat can’t escape anymore. When there’s a heatwave for multiple days, the heat accumulates and soon temperatures inside the house become unbearable.

In order to keep buildings cool in Summer, it is important to prevent the sun from reaching the glass. With our external outdoor blinds we keep the sun away from the glass of the window, thus keeping the house cool all day long.

Every house is different, that’s why we have developed different solutions: there is the Renson® Fixscreen®, our standard vertical, wind tight screen, the Renson® Panovista is our wind tight screen for corner-on-corner glass windows, and the Renson® Slidefix , which is the perfect solution for sliding windows.

Renson® solar screens: renovation solutions

On Fensterbau there will be a special focus on our retrofit solutions, and more specifically the Fixscreen® Minimal. The Fixscreen® Minimal is perfect as a renovation solution, e.g.: when you have installed windows with solar controlled glass (which do not always give the desired results in terms of keeping your house cool) and you want to install an extra wind tight solar screen, the Fixscreen® Minimal, with its minimal side channels and box, works perfectly.

At Fensterbau, we will also present the Fixscreen® Solar. This Fixscreen® is similar to our standard solar screen, except for the fact that it uses solar energy, but the main advantage with this screen is that it can be installed without having to do damage or drill holes for electricity. 

A sleek and organically looking façade: Renson® Linarte® wall cladding

In the last couple of years there has been a strong focus on incorporating elements into a building such as mailboxes, ventilation louvres, and even windows to offer a seamless design. Our answer to this, is our design façade cladding. We have two types of cladding solutions: Linarte® our vertical cladding and Linius, the horizontal cladding option. We have developed a special profile which allows you to integrate your windows into the cladding. The window therefore blends into the façade cladded building and not disrupting the visual aesthetic of the cladding.

Ventilation: Invisivent Comfort, the next step in thermal and acoustic comfort

In order to keep a house ventilated, we developed the Invisivent Comfort window vent. This vent brings fresh air into your house in a natural way. In combination with a mechanical ventilation system healthy indoor air is guaranteed at all times. The Invisivent Comfort contains a self-regulating valve, which regulates the incoming air flow, and thus offers the user thermal comfort. The window vent is also sound alternating, which diminishes the outside noise. Until recently, the Invisivent Comfort was only available for the Belgian market, but after Fensterbau, the Invisivent Comfort will be available for the rest of the world too.

Endura Twist: the best of both worlds: ventilation and heat recovery

Endura Twist is a decentralized ventilation system, that can be installed on top or next to the window. This mechanical ventilation system does more than just ventilate the house. While the polluted indoor air is exhausted, the warmth of the air is recovered and is brought back inside the house via the supplied outdoor air.

Want to know more about our ventilation and sun protection solutions? Visit us at Fensterbau Frontale: hall 4, stand 202. More info on: www.frontale.de/en