Dreaming of a patio cover or pergola in your front garden? Why not!

Most people have their patio cover or pergola put up in the back garden. But that doesn’t mean you have to! Having your patio cover attached to the side of your home or installed in the front garden can be just as smart a move! Can’t wait to get started? Don’t forget to keep the following tips in mind.
Terrasoverkapping in de voortuin van je woning

aluminium pergolaIs your front garden large enough for a patio cover or pergola?

Unfortunately, not all front gardens are big enough for a patio cover or aluminum pergola. Is your front garden rather large? Then you’re in luck. Especially if you live in a secluded area or if your front garden is surrounded by shrubberies that keep nosy neighbours and passers-by from peeking in. Your patio cover then instantly becomes a sort of porch, giving your home a romantic and homely vibe. Are you not quite sure whether a patio cover in the front garden will be private enough? Don’t forget that you can always add sliding panels.

Keep it subtle

A patio cover in the front garden can look messy … unless you make sure it matches your house seamlessly! A white Camargue louvered roof pergola, for instance, is a perfect match for a modern white villa. Or, if your home looks rather rustic, why not opt for the Lapure in warm grey? However, no matter your taste, it’s always a good idea to choose your patio cover in the same RAL color as the joinery to achieve a harmonious look.

Don’t forget about local rules and regulations

Finally, don’t forget that local rules and regulations tend to be rather strict when it comes to front gardens. Not all cities and municipalities allow patio covers in front gardens, so do your research beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Sue Deloore
Author: Sue Deloore

Sue Deloore is an outdoor living specialist at Renson. She has an industrial engineering degree in electro-mechanics and completed a project management course at Vlerick Business School. She has shared her expertise on outdoor living and architecture on several reputable websites, such as Architectura.be, Bouwinfo.be and A-plus.be.

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