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Discreet luxury in your garden: the number one trends spotted at the Salone del Mobile

A visit to the Salone del Mobile – the number one trade fair for interior lovers – is an inspiring immersion into the latest home trends. One thing is clear: 2019 is all about enjoyment and luxury. But in a modest, elegant, timeless and sustainable manner. With the Renson® canopies, you can live ‘in luxury’ in your own garden throughout the year. The luxury of the small things, of being able to enjoy being at home in the best possible way. We are in favor!

Discrete luxe in je tuin: dé trends gespot op Salone del Mobile

We returned from the Salon inspired, and with a head full of ideas and information.
We are very happy to share these trends and tips with you:

1. High-quality and sustainable

Designers are also concerned about the climate. They are increasingly looking for a combination of design and solutions for a longer lifespan and reusability of interior items. What can you do yourself? Opt for high-quality materials with a long lifespan, for both your home and your garden. An aluminum pergola, for example, is both very strong and durable, and at the same time it looks modern and sleek. Seek expert advice with regard to the right materials.

The new Patrick Norguet design is made of an aluminium base and bamboo.
Innovative and made from ecological material. You can put together your own set: a sofa, a chair and an integrated coffee table are all part of this beautiful and sustainable design.

2. Mobile and versatile

Another cool trend from the Salone del Mobile: mobile luxury. If you like variety, you can move the compact, sustainable furniture, or you can change its function. A lounge chair that can be turned into a chair or ottoman in no time is perfectly possible. Marcel Wanders designed one for Louis Vuitton.

3. Beneficial wellness

A home that has a positive influence on your health is the ‘in’ statement for the big designers. An item must not only look good, it must also make you feel good. Designers thereby make use of technologies that promote your physical and emotional well-being. And where can you better relax than in your garden? Soothing music from the built-in outdoor speakers, comfortable furniture, and the luxury of enjoying your outdoor space in all seasons, make this possible.

4. Green, greener, greenest

The ‘urban jungle’ trend is not new, but having plants around you is becoming increasingly important. They provide your connection with nature, to some extent, and that brings peace of mind. And this is very important, now that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that stress-related illnesses will come in second place in 2020. We saw a lot of green at the Salone del Mobile. Indoors or outdoors, you can easily provide more green yourself. Some house plants look and thrive nicely on your terrace. With the Renson® terrace canopies, you can enjoy them throughout the year.

Groen, groener, groenst

5. Light and luxury

It has been a while since lighting was purely functional. The right outdoor lighting creates a sense of luxury and atmosphere. Lamp shades for a romantic evening, enjoying a good book under your garden canopy, or elegant table lighting for a cosy dinner? Our experts will be happy to advise you on creating the perfect atmosphere.

Licht en luxe
Sue Deloore
Author: Sue Deloore

Sue Deloore is an outdoor living specialist at Renson. She has an industrial engineering degree in electro-mechanics and completed a project management course at Vlerick Business School. She has shared her expertise on outdoor living and architecture on several reputable websites, such as Architectura.be, Bouwinfo.be and A-plus.be.

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