A healthy & comfortable home under the sun

New-build home or home renovation?

Recently, the Australian government launched the Homebuilder program as a response to the corona crisis. If you’re planning to renovate your home, or build a new home, then HomeBuilder will provide owner-occupiers (incl. first home buyers) with a grant of $25,000: https://treasury.gov.au/HomeBuilder

The backyard of your dreams

This program does not only apply to new-build houses or home renovations, also the backyard comes within reach. You could easily equip your house or backyard with a Renson aluminum pergola. A pergola should be considered as an additional outdoor living space. You enjoy the outdoors in all luxury and comfort – which you mostly find indoors. In this way, a Renson pergola offers the best of both worlds!
Just imagine, you could easily install an outdoor bar or kitchen underneath your terrace cover and create the perfect environment for your friends or family. You could turn it into a place where you can have some me-time, where you can unwind, shielded from the blistering Australian sun.

A healthy home

Of course, you could also make some home improvements by adding ventilation or solar shading. This way you create a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. 

Smart ventilation

As soon as there is human activity in the house, our smart ventilation system, Healthbox 3.0, knows this (the Healthbox 3.0 detects CO2, which is the air we breathe out). The Healthbox 3.0 will automatically detect VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other polluted particles, will ventilate it away and will replace it with healthy outdoor air.

A ventilation system is particularly interesting in these COVID-19 times, because our ventilation system dilutes potential harmful particles. If someone sneezes or coughs, a million particles are released. They can stay in the air for 20 minutes or longer, which can be very harmful to the health. However, if these particles are diluted, they are no longer harmful.

Keep a cool head

Renson solar screens can strongly contribute to keep your house cool all year long. The heat of the sun enters through the windows. By blocking the sunlight before it can reach the glass of the window, you prevent your home from overheating. This way your house is up to 10 degrees cooler than a house without solar screens! You probably wonder what will happen to your marvellous view. Well, you shouldn’t worry too much: our screens block the sun, but not your view or daylight.

Talk to us

Take a look at our indoor and outdoor solutions. It is our mission to turn your house into a healthy living space. And thanks to our patio covers, we create the backyard you can only dream of.

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