RIO basic principles

The transition from e-Reps to RIO

The online order platform RIO was launched on Monday, 8 January 2024 for all ventilation, sun protection, and façade cladding products. From 8 January onwards, you will be able to submit new quotes and orders via RIO. Your quotes, orders, shipping notes and invoices will also appear in a new layout. Your old orders stay in e-Reps.

 offertes en orders
Quotes and orders

Via RIO you will always find all communications with Renson. RIO puts the quotation central as the document that clarifies all questions and ambiguities about a project. The order platform allows you to retrieve all communication with Renson at any time. You are given a price indication as soon as you create a configuration. Any additional costs for specials are added to the final quotation, so that you and your customer know exactly where you stand.

With RIO, you can:
  • See an overview of quotations and projects at any time
  • Use your quotations to clarify everything with your Renson contact person
  • Easily request multiple versions of a quotation
  • Easily order as per a valid quotation, after double-checking the product details and prices
  • Have a clear insight of the delivery date as soon as you place the order
  • Track the status of your quotations and orders right up to dispatch by Renson

Of course, you can still use RIO to place an order without a prior quotation, but by clarifying any questions and ambiguities during the quotation phase, we can schedule your order immediately and process it in production. We expect that this way of working will mean fewer changes to confirmed orders.

Handy dashboard
Not just quotations are easier to track in RIO, but the same goes for orders and service requests too. Your personal login takes you to a dashboard with all the important info. From ongoing conversations with Renson to order updates. The user-friendly filters help you to easily track specific items.

Quotes and orders

 Productconfiguratie en prijzen
Product configuration and pricing

Smooth configuration
Searching for configurable products and adding them to your order has never been easier. The user-friendly RIO configurator will use targeted questions to guide you to a personalised result. A well-structured sequence of steps allows for quick parameter changes, such as dimensions and variants, and enables you to request a quotation for a different product type, for example.

Maximum price transparency
When you create a configuration, you will already see the price on RIO. Additionally, you will gain an insight into how that price is determined, from gross prices and discounts to the net price. We will also display the price breakdown on the quotation, order confirmation and invoice.

If your customer also uses RIO to request a quotation or place an order with you, the transparency in the price breakdown will be limited to just the gross prices.

Costs for changes or cancellations
After double-checking all the product details and prices, placing an order is easy. We expect this transparent approach to result in fewer changes to placed orders. Necessary adjustments or cancellations are of course still possible, but at an additional cost. You can find an overview of the change and cancellation costs in our price lists.


Three types of service can be requested in RIO:
  1. Intervention
  2. Service part order
  3. Complaint

New service request

Your service request will usually fall under ‘Service part order’. You can also request an intervention by a Renson technician or submit a complaint through the new platform. It is important to clearly describe your problem with each service request in order to receive a solution as quickly as possible.

Some examples:
  • If the packaging was delivered damaged but the product itself was not: submit a complaint.
  • If both the packaging and product were delivered damaged: reorder the product via ‘Service part order’. This can be done efficiently because you can quickly retrieve the original product configuration in RIO.
  • If the product breaks during installation or after use, analyse the problem and quickly order the damaged part for repair.

You can make and closely monitor every service request in RIO. The link to your original RIO configuration, the ability to easily modify your original RIO configuration, and transparent pricing make this process even more accessible and convenient.
Service parts can be ordered based on:

  • the original RIO order
  • the serial number (only for sun protection fabric in the first phase)
  • a catalogue of service parts, useful if you have no reference to the original order/product.

Need a part from your original RIO configuration? Or want to make a modification, such as in colour or dimensions? You can use ‘Order service parts’ to quickly retrieve the original configuration and select the desired part (only for sun protection fabric in the first phase). If you can’t find the right part, create a fictitious item so that you can complete your order. Our service team will add the correct part.

In the final step of a service parts request, the prices of the selected items will be displayed, even if your repair falls within the warranty period. Renson reviews every type of service request, including warranty provisions. If it is determined that all guarantee terms and conditions are met, you will receive a 100% discount on your order.

Service requests from your professional customers?
The service requests from your professional customers are not yet processed through RIO. Professionals can create a service request for you through the professional section of the Renson website. This request will be sent to your inbox, allowing you to assist your customer in finding a solution.