Corner window blinds

Enjoy a panoramic view

Glass-on-glass corner windows are the pinnacle of minimalism. Disruption to the seamless transition from one glass section to the other should be avoided by installing side guiding channels or fabric boxes, after all, you do not want to disrupt your panoramic view of the garden. The Panovista (Max) is an outdoor blind tailored to corner windows and opening sliding corner windows.

Enjoy maximum panoramic views for corner window outdoor blinds

Can you imagine aluminium profiles or cables in the corner of your glass-on-glass window? No, thanks. Panovista (Max) rolls up and down both sides of the sun protection fabric on your corner window at the same time via 1 motor. This removes the disturbing elements in the corner, allowing you to continue to enjoy your wide view from your pleasantly cool interior spaces.

Enjoy maximum panoramic views for corner window outdoor blinds
High-quality solar shading
High-quality solar shading
Patented technology and extensive testing guarantee you a long-lasting result.
Customised solution
Customised solution
Effective solar shading for every window section requires tailor-made solutions. The same is true for corner windows.
Minimalist design
Minimalist design
Minimalistic joinery with accompanying outdoor blinds, with no aluminium profiles or visible cables.
Flexible in use
Flexible in use
Blissfully cool in the summer while ensuring maximum benefit from low sun in winter: the best of both worlds.

Renson® Panovista®: Two types

To respond even better to the specific needs of our customers, Renson developed 2 types of external corner window rolling blinds. Depending on the dimensions, a choice can be made between the appropriate sun protection fabric.

Tom and Gerda’s choice: the Panovista® Max

Panovista Max doekzonwering voor hoekramen

What are the advantages of outdoor vertical blinds for corner windows?

Corner window blinds complete the solar shading for your windows.
The tailor-made solution prevents heat from getting through the outdoor blinds at the corners, which gives you some useful advantages:

  • The heat quickly penetrates through the glass-on-glass corner of windows. An outdoor blind for corner windows also efficiently blocks the sun at the corner, so you can keep the house cool.
  • You have the maximum unobstructed view to the outside. There are no cables or aluminium profiles in the corner connection.
  • The patented Panovista technology allows both sides of the outdoor blind to roll up and down simultaneously with 1 motor.

Simple control for electrical corner window outdoor blinds

At Renson, we also translate optimal living comfort into the ease of use of your blinds for corner windows. The electrical control is easy to control via the Renson Connect app. Whenever you want and wherever you are. A few clicks are all it takes to adjust the positions of the outdoor blind.

Simple control for electrical corner window outdoor blinds

Discreet integration into the façade of your home

Glass-on-glass corner windows are a perfect choice for minimalist architecture. If you have the installed, it is obvious that you expect an equally subtle and elegant integration from your outdoor blinds. When developing these windproof outdoor blinds, a lot of attention was paid to smooth integration and sleek design. The fabric box and side guiding channels can be visually concealed in the façade.

Discreet integration into the façade of your home

Corner window outdoor blinds of the best quality

When it comes to technical innovation and thorough design, Renson likes to go a step further.
When developing the corner blinds for windows, special attention was paid to the minimalist design.
This is the result of more than 50 years of expertise in solar shading and a constant pursuit of perfection.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about external corner window rolling blinds?
Find the answer below.

Sun protection fabric is low maintenance, and this is also true for external corner window blinds. When cleaning, first brush off the coarse dirt. Then use a mild soapy water, for example from the Renson Maintenance Set, to clean the outdoor blind. After cleaning, allow the screen fabric to dry thoroughly before rolling it up again. Your Renson dealer can take care of the annual maintenance.

Your corner window blind has the exact dimensions of your glass-on-glass corner window. Every Panovista (Max) is custom made. It is the only way to achieve a seamless result with the aesthetic look you desire.
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