A patio in the water

Sun everywhere, yet sheltered with the Renson® Camargue®

In Bierbeek, Johan Ons (ONS Garden Architecture) can proudly look back on a unique project. A 20-year-old garden, including a gigantic swimming pond, was given a facelift. Sitting in the middle of the water, the residents can look out over the water’s surface from the cosy comfort of a sunken lounge. A Camargue pergola or garden room provides shelter against sun, wind and rain in the open space.

Johan Ons: “The owners specifically wished to enjoy an eye-level view of the water surface of the pond around them from their patio seats. So, when creating the total design of their garden, we provided for a sunken patio surrounded by water, where the windows in the side walls even gave them a view below the water’s surface. We got our inspiration in Limburg, where you can ‘cycle through the water’ in Bokrijk, with the water on either side of you.”

Overal zon, maar toch beschut met de Renson Camargue

Although this patio in the middle of the water is not the main patio of the house, it is still the place where the residents spend most of their time. Whether very early in the morning to feed the fish, or simply to relax in the middle of the pond or to make sure they’re right in the middle of the action when family and friends take a swim or go rowing on the water around them. The only disadvantage is that the patio is exposed to the sun, since there is not much shade nearby. That’s why we set our sights on the Camargue pergola or garden room when designing the new garden.

Renson Camargue

Outdoor Living at its best

The Camargue was actually the first thing we both thought of in order to be able to ensure this magical place had the ideal shelter”, explains Johan Ons when choosing the top product from Renson’s Outdoor Living range. “You can open or close the louvred pergola according to the desired amount of sun or shade. But there’s much more you can do. If a sudden summer shower catches you by surprise, you can simply close the blades and remain seated on the patio. In order to also be sheltered and protected when the wind picks up, optional outdoor blinds have been integrated into the side walls. By closing the screens, you can transform the space into a cosy cocoon to prevent the wind ruining the enjoyment. This means the owners can enjoy their favourite spot “in the pond” as often as possible and for extended periods on summer evenings and the intermediate season; as well as enjoying the light and sound integrated into the pergola or garden room.”

Outdoor Living op zijn best

Johan Ons looks back on this project with great satisfaction. Not only because he is happy to have found a very solid and durable pergola or garden room like the Camargue. But also, and especially, because he feels that it is perfectly integrated into the entire project. “The fact that it does not interfere with the rest of the garden design is mainly due to the openness of the structure and the light colour used. Thanks to the extensive choice of colours, you can opt for either a calm, neutral black or a RAL colour to match the external joinery of the home. Once all the plants in the garden are fully grown, this will be transformed into a real oasis of peace”, he concludes.