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What is façade cladding?

Anyone who is the proud owner of their own home knows that regular maintenance is a must in the home’s interior. Wooden framing, the windows, the bathroom – throughout the years they will all eventually need replacing. But did you know that the exterior façade is also affected by the changing weather conditions? Cracks can form or the mortar between the joints may deteriorate or become damaged. Pieces of mortar may even crumble away. All of this makes the outside wall of your home less attractive. Luckily, façade cladding can provide relief. We are happy to tell you more about this solution here. 


When the exterior wall of your home begins to show signs of age, façade cladding is the perfect solution. With façade cladding, you apply an additional layer over the existing exterior façade. That is why façade cladding is also known as 'cladding panels', 'exterior wall cladding' or 'architectural panels'. The greatest advantage of façade cladding is that it not only protects a brittle or ageing exterior façade, but it also delivers an immediate improvement in insultation. 

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To combat rising energy prices, more and more households are investing in insulating their homes. The roof, the floors and the cavity walls are the usual targets when adding insulation. Yet the outside walls are often forgotten. Which is extremely unfortunate. Because, in the winter, some 20% of all the heat escapes through these walls. So, by investing in façade cladding, you can ensure significant savings on your energy bill.


Generally speaking, wood or UPVC are the materials of choice when cladding the exterior walls. In recent years, however, there are more and more options available. These days, for example, you can also use glass, aluminium or corrugated sheets as façade cladding. These types of exterior wall cladding are most often chosen for commercial properties, although they are now also available on the residential market as well. To ensure you are well-informed, we explain the different types of façade cladding here in greater detail:

#1 Go for elegance with wooden façade cladding

Want to protect your home while giving it an elegant and chic look? Then, wooden façade cladding is the perfect choice. The various (dark) brown shades will give your home a unique and special appearance. With wooden exterior wall cladding, it is even possible to create a particular pattern. You can decide whether you want to position the planks horizontally or vertically for a playful effect. 

When considering wooden façade cladding, it is important to remember that it requires just as much maintenance as wooden window frames. Wood is a natural product and must therefore be stained or painted regularly. Throughout the years, a wooden plank may rot. If that happens, the plank in question will have to be replaced and may show a colour difference. Wooden façade cladding has a lifespan of between 10 and 25 years.

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#2 Low-maintenance UPVC façade cladding

Prefer a cladding that is easier to maintain than wood? Then UPVC wall cladding is a better choice. UPVC's main advantage is that it is absolutely low maintenance. This means that whenever the façade cladding is dirty, you simply need to give it a cleaning. 

Moreover, UPVC exterior wall cladding lasts about 30 years, making it a relatively inexpensive investment. No maintenance, but still a warm and attractive look? Then, consider UPVC façade cladding with a wood texture.

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#3 Industrial look with metal exterior wall cladding

Looking for the easy maintenance of UPVC for your façade but, at the same time, aiming for a robust, industrial look? Then metal exterior cladding is exactly right for you! Nowadays, aluminium façade cladding is the most common choice. The main reason for this is that aluminium is incredibly strong and therefore lasts for years. This means annual maintenance is no longer required. After all, metal façade cladding profiles are powder coated, so they are exceptionally colourfast and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

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Do you want your façade cladding installed at short notice? At Renson, we know better than anyone that façade cladding has a positive effect on the appearance of a home. Aluminium façade cladding gives every home a contemporary and durable appearance. And we always guarantee the highest quality and the finest finishing – for example, invisible mounting hardware and integrable components – so you can enjoy your façade cladding for years to come. 

Find a dealer near you now and discover the many possibilities!

Lieven Depraetere
Author: Lieven Depraetere

Lieven Depraetere obtained his degree in architectural engineering at KU Leuven. He has a major stake in the innovative development of Linarte and Linius façade cladding at Renson.

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