Six trends in outdoor living

Take your 'outdoor living' to the next level

Spending time outside is enjoyable, healthy and more popular than ever. And make no mistake: the world of outdoor living is constantly changing. New trends emerge every year as they do for interiors and architecture. Stay up-to-date and take your outdoor environment to the next level.

The outside beckons

We spend more time than ever inside, at home and at work. However, it is important to spend enough time outside. In 2022, a study by the renowned Harvard University concluded that “spending time in a grassy environment with lots of trees and plants can promote both mental and physical health”. Among other things, spending time outside helps reduce stress and anxiety. Heather Eliassen, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is unequivocal in her conclusion that, among other things, it promotes “improved sleep, lower blood pressure, a sharper memory and a reduced risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer”. No wonder we are eager to spend more time outside.

Bringing the inside outside

In 2024, the boundaries between inside and outside continue to blur. Literally in some cases, for instance by extending a floor from the interior to the patio, but mainly in terms of comfort and design. Interior design is increasingly popular when it comes to outdoor spaces. Cosy rugs, sumptuous cushions, weather-resistant fabrics all contribute to an inviting outdoor environment where you can totally relax or spend your free time in optimal comfort. The growing popularity of outdoor kitchens - often quite impressive and fitted with the latest contemporary must-haves - is also part of this trend.

Binnen naar buiten halen

Eye for sustainability

Sustainable materials and techniques have been on the rise for years. But now we are also seeing an explicit demand for environmentally conscious solutions in outdoor living. This should come as no surprise. You are even more likely to reflect on the importance of protecting the environment when you are surrounded by greenery. We are becoming ever more aware of our ecological footprint and are seeking ways to reduce it. Good news: you can do the same when designing your outdoor environment. This naturally starts with opting for sustainable materials. Wooden furniture, a design using recycled PVC, upcycling old items or an aluminium patio cover contribute to a comfortable and personalised outdoor space with a low environmental impact.

Focus on lighting

Lighting is the ultimate solution for creating a mood, as well as a functional addition if you want to relax outside after the sun has set. You can create the right atmosphere for any occasion by combining functional and mood lighting. Designers are developing outdoor lighting that combines modern technology and durability with architectural added value. This means an ever-expanding range to meet diverse style preferences. They also focus on energy efficiency, with LED technology as the most important factor.

Focus op verlichting

Natural materials

Those who prefer to spend as much time as possible outside are usually fans of natural materials. Wood, in particular, is often used to create outdoor structures. It blends seamlessly into its surroundings and radiates tranquillity. Renson combines the appeal of wood (e.g. in the blades of its sliding panels) with its highly practical benefits, weather resistance and the easy maintenance of aluminium for the structure of its patio covers. The same mix of natural materials, ease of maintenance and long lifespan is also found, for example, in garden furniture or the choice of ecological materials in the production of the fixed panels or sliding panels for the patio covers.

All year round

A sunny day invites you to venture outside, but why limit your possibilities? More and more people are opting for a patio cover for their patio or favourite spot in the garden so they can enjoy spending time outside more often and for longer. You can use optional fixed walls, screens and side elements to provide extra shelter from the weather. And it doesn’t end there. In no time at all, you can create a complete outdoor space where you can spend time even when you didn’t expect to: after sunset, in winter or autumn and on a rainy day. Allowing you to enjoy your outdoor environment in the utmost comfort, any time of year.

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