A fresh façade for your home: sustainable design with room for creativity

Achieve unique results with aluminium façade cladding

The façade is your home’s calling card. So, just as you might change your wardrobe or hairstyle from time to time, you might also want to give your house a new look to keep pace with the times. Aluminium façade cladding offers a different look and feel for your home without the need for major renovations. The wide range of profiles, colours and integrable accessories provides you with the creative freedom to achieve a unique, sustainable and low-maintenance result.

There’s no place like home

We all watch home renovation shows on TV. From ‘Grand Designs’ to ‘DIY SOS’ or ‘Extreme Makeover’, they all show how a personal style can transform a house into a true home. Even just minor adjustments or limited renovations can add personality to an interior. And new façade does the same for your home’s exterior. Not a fan of brick or render? Or perhaps you want to combine them with a fun, sustainable and creative accent that also requires minimal maintenance? Aluminium façade cladding meets all these needs. With the new Linarte Wood Design profiles, Renson now better meets your style preferences within the range of vertical façade cladding. So you can perfectly combine the durability and low maintenance of aluminium with the look of wood.

Linarte Wood Design

Linarte Wood Design

Upgrade in looks and performance

Aluminium façade cladding is an instant facelift for your home, but there’s much more to it than just looks. The space created between your façade and the cladding allows for the integration of technology and additional insulation – which makes your home more energy-efficient without structural changes.

Need extra power, an additional internet cable or an outdoor water connection later on? You can simply click out two of the individual profiles to invisibly integrate these technologies behind the aluminium façade cladding. Then just click them back in place when you’re done. And did you know that the vertical design of the façade profiles also means they ‘self-clean’ in the rain? So that’s one less cleaning job to worry about!

Endless combinations

Renson’s aluminium façade cladding system gives you all the options you need to create a unique façade. Choose from five different types of profiles – Block 25, Block 16, Block 16 L, Even and Cone – or mix and match as you like. While a mix of Block profiles offers a calm overall look, the other profiles can create a playful contrast. The aluminium profiles are available in any RAL colour (even individually), ensuring a perfect match with the rest of your architecture. And adding wooden inserts or LED lighting gives your new façade even more character. So you can unleash your creativity. You can even use wooden inserts to literally integrate your house number or company logo into your façade – – and LED inserts can serve as functional lighting (along the path to the front door, for example) or be purely decorative.

Wood and LED  inserts

Wood and LED inserts

Harmonious outdoor environment

High aesthetics and optimal integration are key values at Renson, which is why you can also extend your façade cladding over your garage door, front door and even garden fencing. Continuing it indoors (e.g. in the entrance hall) allows you to create a visual unity that brings peace. Accessories such as an intercom, doorbell or outdoor taps are seamlessly integrated, too – for a new look that fits your home perfectly.

Garage door with Linarte

garage door with Linarte

Give your home a new look with Linarte by Renson.

Linarte Facade Design
Lieven Depraetere
Author: Lieven Depraetere

Lieven Depraetere obtained his degree in architectural engineering at KU Leuven. He has a major stake in the innovative development of Linarte and Linius façade cladding at Renson.

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