Privacy Policy

At Renson, we highly value privacy and the protection of personal information. Because the wide rage of processing activities ongoing at Renson not every processing activity is applicable to all our stakeholders. Therefore we developed a privacy statement tailored to each logical group of processing activities. This way, we can refer to as brief and clear as possible privacy statements whenever you engage with us in new processing activities.

On this page, you can find an overview of all privacy statements that we use to be as transparent as possible regarding our use of personal data. Whenever a specific privacy statement is relevant to you, it will be mentioned at the right time and place while interacting with Renson.


Renson: all companies affiliated with Renson Group*. A data subject is always a customer/contact of a company that falls under the Renson umbrella. * The following companies are affiliated with Renson Group: Renson Ventilation NV, Renson Sunprotection Projects NV, Renson Sunprotection Screens NV, ARLU NV, Esafe BVBA, Renson Fabrication Ltd, Renson Inc, Louage & Wisselinck, Renson Shanghai, Corradi, Corradi USA, Corradi Srl SRL, OpenMotics BV. We will update the listing of the companies herein in case of any changes to the Renson Group companies.