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Trends spotted in the world’s most beautiful penthouses

Penthouses are popular. The usually generous terrace is a key factor for success. Renson®’s list of trends.

Trends spotted in the world’s most beautiful penthouses

Close to everything, but still providing peace and quiet, the social benefits of the city, being able to go to work by bike, without dreadful traffic jams: these are but a few of the reasons why an increasing number of people are looking for a penthouse. We took a look at some of the most beautiful penthouse homes in the world, and found inspiration to create a sense of luxury.

The number one trend of the year? Living outside. In our busy society, it’s wonderful to be able to unwind. Thanks to the aluminum pergola or patio cover, you’ll enjoy a breath-taking view all year round. Extend the style of your interior to your terrace: the result of opting for the same high-quality materials is a harmonious whole, and your penthouse will appear larger.

Fabrics and materials

Luxurious interiors with dark and warm colors, richly upholstered materials and velvet are omnipresent in 2020. Earthy colours in particular, such as terracotta, brown and clay tones, are very popular. Combine this with wood, and you create your very own oasis of rest. In addition, marble, concrete, terrazzo and natural stone are indispensable. The latest style has a rural touch, and is sober with varnished wood in dark colors. Create a contrast between mat and glossy.

Enough plants complete the picture. Mix and match to your heart’s content, and also harmonize your indoor and outdoor plants. Some house plants will also thrive on your terrace, in fact. Add a personal touch, for example, a water feature as an extra eye-catcher, like this one in a penthouse in New York.

Luxury and light

In addition, light is a way to play with atmosphere and luxury. The right lighting under your terrace canopy completes the picture. A romantic dinner, a party with friends or an evening for yourself… The right lighting sets the tone. Use a matching style for your indoor and outdoor lighting to create a more beautiful line for your interior and your exterior. In addition, invest in the luxury elements that will make you happy. A fireplace under your canopy, an elegant lounge chair to enjoy or a designer piece for intimate evenings. Or how about a built-in music installation to create the right musical atmosphere during the aperitif? Anything is possible.

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